PENKO Engineering’s New SGM800 Certified Digitizer is suitable for trade applications

PENKO Engineering’s New SGM800 Certified Digitizer is suitable for trade applications
PENKO Engineering B.V. (Netherland) - PENKO introduces a series of digitizers for automatic and non-automatic weighing systems for trade applications. Digitizers are in fact interfaces between the strain gage load cells and systems for data processing, controllers and so on. The unique PENKO way of measuring high speed 1600 conversions/s, and high internal resolution, 24 bits, guarantees a fast and accurate data transfer. These characteristics allow application of the instruments for static and dynamic weighing as well as for fast applications such as filling and check weighing. As a standard, all models are provided with a RS485 field bus connection and USB to facilitate set-up and back-up functions. Additional models include RS232/422, Ethernet, CANBUS and Profibus.

The range is completed with an analogous output, 0/4 – 20/24 mA. Easy and fast calibration is done digitally. This procedure is supported by a 6 figure digital read which also allows trouble shooting. The SGM800 series features the innovative PENKO G-Cal™ auto-calibration system, allowing calibration for any geographical location directly at the factory prior to shipping and/or installation.

The compact enclosure, 101 x 22,5 x 120 mm (l x w x h) is suitable for DIN-rail mounting.

The range of instruments has been certified for weighing equipment in accordance with the European Directives NAWI and MID.

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