Precia Molen Group opens a new Subsidiary in Australia

Precia Molen Group opens a new Subsidiary in Australia
PRECIA-MOLEN (Australia) - Precia Molen Group continues the deployment of its international activities with the incorporation of a new Subsidiary in Australia. This operation reinforces the Group’s presence internationally, which now has 13 subsidiaries: PMS the French service company and foreign subsidiaries (Products sales and service) in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic, Norway, Morocco, India, Brazil, Romania and Australia plus a network of agents and distributors in 40 countries around the world.

Incorporation of Precia Molen Australia PTY Ltd:
Precia Molen Group has just completed the incorporation and registration of Precia Molen Australia PTY Ltd whose registered office is located in Sidney. With this subsidiary, our aim is to accompany some of our historical customers, an international engineering companies specialised in the extractive industry. In the longer range, with its references, the Group also hopes to gain new market shares in Australia, a country with a significant extractive industry.

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