Scanvaegt's New ScanCut SC300 Portion Cutter

Scanvaegt's New ScanCut SC300 Portion Cutter

Scanvaegt Nordic A/S (Denmark) - Scanvaegt brand new ScanCut SC300 is a high-speed portion cutter with 3D laser scanning technology, designed specifically for cutting products into high-value portions with precise weight, ensuring high yield.

Precise portion weight and size:

The SC300 is a dedicated meat portioning machine, which easily handles large boneless beef, pork and lamb products as well as whole round fish, e.g. salmon. Using 3D-scanning, the portioncutter cuts portions with fixed weight and/or length, while increasing product yield and reducing cutting loss.

High speed and high productivity:

ScanCut SC300 has a cutting frequency of up to 1,500 strokes per minute, making the machine capable of handling cutting jobs with high speeds. This will improve the productivity and through-put of the processing line.

Keeping up high hygienic standards:

The design minimizes the risk of residue sticking inside the machine and allows easy access from both sides of the machine for thorough cleaning, facilitating high hygienic standards.

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