Radio links to offset the display on industrial scales

Radio links to offset the display on industrial scales

ADEUNIS RF (UK) – By providing the radio component for TOLEDO DO BRASIL, a Brazilian company specializing in industrial weighing, ADEUNIS RF has contributed to the development of a system to offset the display on its scales by a maximum of one hundred meters.

Often located in inaccessible places, displays are difficult to read. For this reason, TOLEDO DO BRASIL, a manufacturer of industrial and agricultural scales, wanted to detach the weighing platforms from their displays.

Livestock (cattle, sheep, pigs, …) are weighed using platforms. Explanations:
When animals enter their pens, they pass over a 'floor' equipped with weighing sensors. Through a mechanical device, these digital sensors measure the deformation of the floor (crushing phenomenon when the animals pass) and transform it into an electrical signal. This signal, converted into digital data, is then transmitted to the remote mobile display up to a hundred meters away using Bluetooth modules.

Identification of the animal before weighing:
The RFID Tags implanted in the animal's ear are read in the same way, using an RFID wand. Explanations; The RFID wand identifies the animal by its RFID tag. It then automatically selects the animal that will be weighed on the remote display. The Bluetooth® module integrated into the mobile display then makes the connection with a printer equipped with Bluetooth® technology. It then prints all the information relating to the animal concerned (weight gain for example) in the form of a report.

ADEUNIS RF's Bluetooth® module has been chosen for its cost / performance ratio which is greater than that of competing solutions.

A wireless link that now gives its manufacturer a clear competitive advantage.

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