Rinstrum has launched the R325 Luggage Weighing Indicator

Rinstrum has launched the R325 Luggage Weighing Indicator
Rinstrum PTY LTD (Australia) - Rinstrum has launched a stainless steel dedicated baggage-weighing indicator, the R325. It allows for easy monitoring of both the total weight summing and the number of bags to ensure preset bag numbers and weight limits are not exceeded. Dedicated key pad functions increase input capabilities and decreases the chance of operator error. Pre-determined bag and total weight limits prevent excess baggage weights being accepted by the operator.

The R325 has built in RS323 and RS485 communications to work with the D323 remote display and a network or printer. The R325 indicator and D323 remote display are slim line stainless steel panel mounting and feature an LCD with LED backlighting. The R325 and D323 team up to provide an economical high quality luggage weighing solution for airports.

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