SAUREN's Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 Award to Sartorius CEO Joachim Kreuzburg

SAUREN's Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 Award to Sartorius CEO Joachim Kreuzburg
Sartorius AG (Germany) - SAUREN investment group honors outstanding management achievements

Yesterday, September 6, 2013, Dr. Joachim Kreuzburg, the CEO and Executive Board Chairman of Sartorius AG, was conferred the Golden Award as Entrepreneur of the Year by the SAUREN investment group. A jury of leading fund managers honored Kreuzburg in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, for his long-term entrepreneurial activity and his successful leadership of Sartorius AG throughout the past decade. “Joachim Kreuzburg has steered this tradition-rich German company forward with a steady hand by systematically developing its strategy, transforming it into a globally focused group with a promising future,” stated the jury in explaining its choice.

“I see this prize as an award for our global Sartorius team that recognizes our accomplishments of the past ten years,” said Joachim Kreuzburg. SAUREN annually presents the Entrepreneur of the Year award to a businessperson of a listed company in a German-speaking country in order to highlight and recognize outstanding management performance. This year’s jury members were Henning Gebhardt of DWS Investment, Stephan Hornung of Discover Capital and DEKA Investment Manager Thomas Ralf Meier.

Joachim Kreuzburg has been a member of the Sartorius Executive Board since 2002 and has headed it ever since May 2003. Before joining the Board, Kreuzburg, now 48, held various executive positions in the area of finances and was a member of the management team of a Sartorius subsidiary.

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