Scale from Mettler Toledo Ensures Lasting Compliance in Antarctica

Scale from Mettler Toledo Ensures Lasting Compliance in Antarctica
METTLER TOLEDO (Antarctica) - Only the toughest equipment could withstand conditions in the coldest place on Earth. In 1996, when McMurdo Station needed a truck scale to weigh Antarctic cargo, METTLER TOLEDO accepted the challenge. Now, more than fifteen years later, the scale’s original POWERCELL® load cells are still doing their job—accurately and reliably.

Equipment operating in the Antarctic needs to be rugged, and a truck scale is no exception. Temperatures on the continent are the coldest on earth, and its isolation makes reliability a key concern. To address those concerns, METTLER TOLEDO installed a steel deck truck scale with POWERCELL load cells. The weighbridge, with orthotropic structural design, provides the strength to weigh all types of cargo, even in harsh conditions. The legendary POWERCELL load cells keep the scale both accurate and reliable.

The U.S. Science Foundation operates McMurdo Station, an Antarctic research post. It is the largest station in Antarctica, capable of supporting more than 1,200 residents. With its location along the coast, McMurdo processes most of the cargo and personnel arriving and departing from the continent. This includes all supplies bound for the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.

A key element of the Antarctic Treaty System regulations is a requirement for environmental impact assessments of all activities. All materials, equipment and consumables must be accounted for. To accomplish this, McMurdo Station houses a truck scale—the only one on the entire continent.

As the only truck scale in Antarctica, it has to be the best. In its more than 15 years’ operating in Antarctica, this METTLER TOLEDO vehicle scale has withstood the elements and the test of time. Most traditional truck scales require a periodic replacement of one or more failed load cells. The McMurdo Station scale still uses the same load cells it has had since the day it was installed. In such an isolated location, that reliability has been a feature the McMurdo crew appreciates.

Because of this flawless operation, METTLER TOLEDO was commissioned to construct a 10,000 kg. air cargo weigh platform at the Antarctica air base. No matter what a customer needs to weigh, or where they need to weigh it, our scales have earned their reputation for quality by performing in the most challenging environments and the demanding applications all over the world.

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