seca and Imprivata Focus on More Security and Standardization in User Authentication

seca and Imprivata Focus on More Security and Standardization in User Authentication

Seca (Germany) - seca is the first supplier of medical scales and measuring systems to enable user authentication using Imprivata. With the joint interface solution, the two companies support the standardization of different authentication processes in hospitals, simplify workflows and relieve nursing staff.

Medical scales are among the most represented and frequented MedTech products in hospitals. This is because precise knowledge of the parameters of size and weight is of great importance in everyday hospital life – for example, for the dosage of medications or anesthetics. At the same time, recording and documenting these parameters are simple but time-consuming and thus costly routine tasks that tie up valuable personnel resources. This is where integration solutions from seca come in: user and patient are identified by barcode directly on the device and the measurement results are sent to the EMR.

Common interface standardizes authentication processes:

The more digitization advances in everyday hospital life, the more touchpoints nursing staff will have to authenticate themselves via proximity readers, barcode or fingerprint scanners, keyboards and palm scanners. In the future, facilities working with Imprivata Medical Device Access and seca's integration solutions will benefit from a unified authentication process: the common interface enables fast and secure user and patient authentication prior to each seca measurement and weighing process using existing Imprivata credentials. This eliminates the need for different logon procedures for different devices such as computers, medical scales or vital sign monitors. Clinic staff is relieved, patient safety and efficiency increase.

"The goal of our collaboration was to further simplify and accelerate the workflow of integrating medical scale and measurement systems," said Dr. Richard Mietz, Team Manager Integration Solutions Int. at seca. "With Imprivata, we have a partner at our side who is an expert in the field of identity and access management and has many years of experience in this area. Our customers and patients alike will benefit from our cooperation and we are very happy about this partnership.”

Daniel Johnston MRes, RN, Clinical Workflow Specialist at Imprivata commented; “Our partnership and joint solution will enable an even faster and more efficient workflow for clinicians and care givers, while maintaining security and auditability. Clinicians will be able to access devices swiftly with a tap of their badge, allowing their focus to be on the patient and not the IT system.”


About Imprivata:

Imprivata®, the digital identity company for healthcare, provides identity, authentication, and access management solutions that are purpose-built to solve healthcare’s unique and complex workflow, security, and compliance challenges. Imprivata enables healthcare securely by establishing trust between people, technology, and information across the increasingly complex healthcare ecosystem.

About seca:

seca is the world market leader and holistic system provider for medical measuring systems, scales, software, and service solutions for diagnosis-supporting ad hoc assessment of health and nutritional status. With 180 years of experience, the MedTech company offers users scientifically validated precision paired with intuitive use, highest quality, and optimized workflows. The portfolio includes innovative solutions such as networked measuring stations and vital data monitors, service and software solutions that make everyday medical life easier and medical Body Composition Analyzers (mBCA) that revolutionize the possibilities of diagnostics and therapy by means of bioelectrical impedance analysis. In addition to sales through 17 international subsidiaries, seca measuring systems and scales are exported to over 110 countries. State-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, durable materials and global quality management guarantee a product standard of the highest level.

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