Sorter introduces new linear weighing machine

Sorter introduces new linear weighing machine
Sorter Spółka Jawna (Poland) - Offering a range of sorting solutions for the fruit and vegetable industry, Sorter has introduced a new linear weighing machine for sorting produce.

Sorter new linear weighing machine is designed specially to sort all round fruit and vegetables such as apples, citrus, tomatoes, but also pears with the accuracy up to 100 grams.

The construction allows for portioning the product according to the programmed weight or the number of fruit, which are to be packed.

The machine uses a series of 14 weights to better sort fruit and vegetables according to weight. It can also be programmed to sort a set number of items.

The machine weights each product individually and out of 14 separate scores selects and releases a combination of products, which is the closest to the programmed one.

What is worth highlighting is that this machine has a wide range of applications. On one hand it can be used at relatively small installations with a bin tipper and a simple infeed conveyor. On the other hand, it can be accompanied by automatic fillers such as NW 01 for packing in plastic bags or net fillers.

The main advantage of the machine is that products are gently handled due to soft belt and brushes without compensating the speed. Each weighing cycle lasts only 1.5s. The results of weighing are also more accurate than human work, as the operation of the machine is controlled by the computer with a specially designed program.

Sorter currently has good market penetration among large growers in Poland and throughout Eastern Europe, but they hope, with their new offerings and often-lauded customer service, to expand into Spain, Russia and South America.

Sorter's machines can sort apples, pears, plums, avocados, cherries, tomatoes and peppers. They can be programmed to sort those items according to weight, color, size and external quality.

"The most popular at the moment is a combination of the our sorting machines with the machines for presorting accompanied by equipment for palletizing."

"Our machines are characterized by high quality and that is the reason the customers select our products. We do not save on the components, we provide the best price for the quality."

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Other articles from Sorter Spółka Jawna.

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