Spee-Dee Launches New Automated Cannabis Packaging System

Spee-Dee Launches New Automated Cannabis Packaging System

Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery, Inc. (United States) - Spee-Dee’s cannabis jar filling system allows manufacturers to fill cannabis products with confidence. Optimize your operations with the new, automated system that can fill up to 40 jars per minute. Accurate filling and weighing of flowers or ground cannabis is made possible with a dual tare gross weighing system while a sanitary design keeps product safe—all at high speeds.

A unique dual weighing system reduces costly product loss by checking the jar tare weight before filling and gross weight after filling, resulting in the actual net weight of the product. Vibratory settling helps product flow into containers while a dual-lane design rejects under and overweights. In addition, the system easily integrates with multihead weighers. Several combinations ensure accurate weights every fill.

The system features a simple design that enables thorough cleaning. A sanitary funnel and conveyor system ensures hygienic filling with quick changeover while a stainless steel frame and open base allow for easy cleaning. No-tool star wheels and rails enable quick product changeovers.

“Spee-Dee is excited to help meet the growing demand for automated cannabis packaging,” said Mark Navin, Vice President of Sales. “This accurate filling technology will help cannabis producers maximize production of their jar filling lines and eliminate product loss while automating their jar filling at high speeds.”

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