Tamtron Group strengthens the sales team

Tamtron Group strengthens the sales team
Tamtron Group (Finland) - Mikko Mäkinen has been appointed new Sales Director.

Mikko Mäkinen (39) has been appointed as the new Sales Director of Tamtron Group in December. Mäkinen has a diverse industrial experience from sales and projects as well as R&D, leadership and management. He has previously worked in Metso Automation as a Product Manager, selling Automation to mining and construction and in Metso Minerals as a Development Manager. In his latest position in JTA Connection Oy Mikko Mäkinen was responsible of sales, marketing, projects and business development.

”It’s great to be in Tamtron! I am excited to develop Tamtron's sales to the next level and I am happy for having such a great team here for that. We have experienced and professional people with a passion to help our customers and personal motivation to get even better in this. Also the company has a clear vision and strategy, so for me this is great starting position.”, tells Mikko.

Mäkinen will be in charge of the whole Tamtron Group sales. His previous experience of the leadership and management as well as from the international sales combined with technical background guarantee that Mäkinen has a wide perspective of how to develop Tamtron’s sales.

”This year has been very action-packed at Tamtron. New products have been launched at a fast-pace and the same will continue next year. In January 2015, we will challenge the traditional loaders scales with our new Smart Weighing technology. During the first half of the year the new excavator scale will be also launched” tells Tamtron Group’s CEO Tomi Virtanen and continues ”Now that we have Mikko here, I am sure the new products will be launched in the best possible way.”

In the news the markets have been reported to slow down, but Tamtron stays on track. There is always a demand for top quality products and Tamtron is in good shape and ready for next year.

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