The world’s first invertible weighbridge

The world’s first invertible weighbridge
Libra Weighing Machines Ltd (UK) has announced the first invertible weighbridge to ‘double’ the useful life of the weighing equipment. These new Libra Double Life Weighbridge, which is produced in Sheffield, UK, was Patented worldwide with the Patent no. 1113342.8.

”Yes it has a ‘Double Life’. Where our competitors’ Weighbridges would need replacement, when the weighbridge deck eventually wears down over years of use, unlike any other Weighbridge, this design can simply be inverted by turning the deck over. This gives the weighbridge a renewed surface, amazingly, doubling its life span over any other weighbridge. The cost saving speaks for itself as you are getting 2 Weighbridges for the price of 1. The weighbridge can also be provided with an open centre for easy cleaning; with optional removable grid or fully closed with no centre gap, depending on your requirements, whist still allowing the weighbridge to be invertible.”

The only Invertible weighbridge in the World
Back in the old days, weighbridges were built from Cast Steel and Cast Iron making them extremely strong and resistant to chemicals and climate. Nowadays weighbridges are mainly built from lightweight mild steel, for the carrying structure and the deck plates. Even with protective coatings, corrosion soon sets in and the structure can quickly deteriorate. They are built to a budget and not much regard for longevity is considered. Within just a few years some weighbridges will need replacing. There is too much reliance on welding, under gauge beams and folded sections. These will fail with fatigue by constant loadings, breaking the welds, and from corrosion with the weather, road salts and other chemicals that will creep into cracked weld joints on the plates, or through gaps, and infiltrate into the structure.

We at Libra studied these factors and researched and developed a weighbridge that is much stronger than any of the above standard weighbridge designs. Plus a deck 200mm thick, that cannot be infiltrated. However not only is the strength a main factor. We have a weighbridge that is also Invertible. This allows the untouched pre-prepared surface under the weighbridge to be used, when the top surface has eventually worn. Unlike any other weighbridge the Double Life is specially designed and manufactured to allow it to be inverted. All the mounting systems, side rail and load cell fixing points are mirror imaged, ready to accept them on the opposing side.

The cost saving speaks for itself as no other weighbridge has the ability to allow this therefore, when a normal weighbridge wears down the deck, it would have to be replaced with a new one. The Double life can simply be turned over, giving a fresh untouched surface, ready for many more years of service.

The Double Life is also only manufactured in the UK. This ensures the quality and strength is second to none. Most other weighbridges rely on either just steel or just concrete. The Double Life has an enhanced combination structure of heavy duty steel columns, with reinforced specialist concrete. They can, and have been, manufactured to weigh over 200 Tonnes and over 24 Meters long. There is no stronger design on the market.

With a Double life you also have a choice of load cells and electronics. From heavy duty ball bearing to Digital rocker column load cells. Unmanned systems, ANPR and software for all applications are also available. All the equipment meets and exceeds Welmec, OIML R60, R76, ISO 9001, EC and CE directives plus other worldwide standards for Trade use from UK, USA to Russia.

With the Double Life you also get a 15 Year Guarantee as standard and in excess of 50 Years life span. The spectrum of customers whom already have a Double Life include Cymru, E-on Electric in the UK, UK and US Armed Forces in Afghanistan, Heidelberg Cement in Germany, Lycopodium in Australia, Banks Group in the UK, Oxfam, and many other exports plus UK customers, including Government bodies and local councils.

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