Tunaylar Has Been Honored By International Star Award For Quality

Tunaylar Has Been Honored By International Star Award For Quality

Tunaylar was deemed worthy of Gold Category during the 37th International Star Award For Quality Ceremony which is organized by the Business Initiative Directions (BID) on September 29th and 30th in Geneva, Switzerland. Members of Board Mr. Ilhan TUNAY, Mr. Hakan TUNAY, Mr. Korhan TUNAY and Quality Assurance and Software Manager Dr. Ali GURBUZ attended the award ceremony on behalf of Tunaylar.

TUNAYLAR has been honored on the basis of commitment to theby Business Initiative Directions ( BID ) which is the winner of of the The International Star Award for Quality (ISAQ) at 2012 that is presented in recognition of our company that for its “ Further reputation and position by implementing and promoting quality culture.”

“It is great pride to announce the name of our company and our country with quality. This award will deepen our company’s belief and commitment on sense of quality. In addition to high-tech production, we will also continue to keep at the forefront of quality and customer satisfaction”. Member of Board Mr. Korhan TUNAY said in accepting the award.

The INTERNATIONAL STAR AWARD FOR QUALITY (ISAQ) is presented to each company as an entity, for corporate achievement, to recognize leadership, quality, innovation, excellence, technology, customer service and prestige; fort his purpose a voting process was carried out during the B.I.D World Congress with meetings in Paris, London, Geneva, Frankfurt, Madrid and New York over the past ten months, based on one or several of the following concepts:

The QC1000 principles, Customer Satisfaction, Leadership, Technology, Best Practice, Business Results, ISO 9000 and TQM. B.I.D Business Initiative Directions has awarded companies and professionals from 178 countries since 1986. In addition to the voting process, carried out in personel encounters with business leaders, by mail and on line macro poll, B.I.D gathers information through consultations of the media (press,radio and television), consultancy companies, advertising agencies, trade fairs and exhibits, chamber of commerce, embassies and polls, which is analyzed by the International Star Award for Quality Selection Committee, which makes the final decision to select annual awardees.

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