Ultrahawke's Weighbridge Extended For Weighing Coal Trucks South Africa

Ultrahawke's Weighbridge Extended For Weighing Coal Trucks South Africa
UltraHawke Pty Ltd (South Africa) - A Steel Deck Weighbridge was recently extended in length to allow longer trucks to be weighed in South Africa. Performed by Ultrahawke Africa, an additional four metre weighbridge section was grafted onto the existing above-ground Weighbridge for an overall length of twenty-two metres.

The Weighbridge extension required the removal of an existing end-wall and access ramp before new foundations could be poured for the additional section, end-wall and access ramp. While the concrete was curing, the required Weighbridge section was custom fabricated at Ultrahawke’s Weighbridge manufacturing facility in Pretoria and delivered to site for attaching to the existing Weighbridge steelwork.

The previous Weighbridge loadcells were removed and replaced with eight Flintec RC3 loadcells encased fully in stainless steel with an IP68 rating to cope with the harsh South African climate. Each of the thirty tonne capacity analog loadcells was terminated at a Flintec KPFD junction box which connects to a Flintec FT11 digital weight indicator to display the generated weight readings.

A PC was also supplied pre-installed with Ultrahawke’s Weighbridge Software to allow all weighing transactions to be tracked and fully documented. Weighbridges for the South Africa market are manufactured in Ultrahawke’s factory at Waltloo in Pretoria under a strict quality control policy with all products conforming to the international OIML standards.

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