Ultrahawke Weighbridge Weighing Coal in South Africa

Ultrahawke Weighbridge Weighing Coal in South Africa
UltraHawke Pty Ltd (South Africa) - A concrete deck weighbridge was recently commissioned for weighing coal at a power station in South Africa. Manufactured by Ultrahawke in Pretoria South Africa, the weighbridge supply also included precast concrete foundation sections.

Ultrahawke South Africa has attained NRCS approvals for all types of weighbridges as listed under approval number SA 1479. Weighbridges for the South Africa market are manufactured at Ultrahawke’s factory at Waltloo in Pretoria under a strict quality control policy and all products conforming to the international OIML standards.

To minimise potential production disruptions during the installation of this heavy duty weighbridge, Ultrahawke staff supplied and positioned precast concrete foundation slabs on which the weighbridge was mounted. The weighbridge deck measures twenty-four metres long and is mounted in an above ground design with easy access to the weighbridge loadcells for servicing.

Ultrahawke has been manufacturing Weighbridges, heavy duty scales and weighing equipment in Australia since 1857 and has extensive industry experience in all industrial weighing applications. Ultrahawke’s South Africa branch was established in 2010 to cater for the needs of other Australian companies operating in South Africa but has since expanded operations to also include the needs of local industry.

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