Welvaarts is introducing world's first calibration trailer for On-Board Weighing Systems

Welvaarts is introducing world's first calibration trailer for On-Board Weighing Systems
Welvaarts Weighing Systems (Netherlands) - After 4 years of development, fabrication and testing Welvaarts Weighing Systems is introducing world’s first calibration trailer. This trailer enables us to calibrate or (re)approve onboard weighing systems on site. You do not have to drive far for calibration or inspection, resulting in maximum availability of your personnel and vehicles.


How does it works?
After appointment, the Calibration Trailer comes to your location. The trailer is stamped, the tilt automatically extended in width and height and the runway is extended. The back of the refuse truck is opened and the pusher pushed forward. Then the refuse truck gets driven backwards in the trailer. The crane will automatically come to the right place in the body.

During a calibration or (re) certification is the weighing system in increments charged with certified weights. Part of the calibration is the tilt test. With outriggers under the semi-trailer can be a proper slope to 10%. After calibration, a certificate drawn. The front of the semi-trailer can be opened to place. Weights outside of the semi-trailer These weights can be used for the calibration of crane weighing systems or other mobile weighing systems.

  • Needed: Surface of 10 x 30 meters, 8.5 meters free height
  • Power (3 phase + neutral)
  • Extendable in 4 minutes
  • Calibrations even in bad weather
  • Equipped with 14 tons calibration weights
  • Tilting to 10% possible
  • Can be used throughout Europe

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