Wipotec GmbH - for 25 years weighing technology at its best

Wipotec GmbH - for 25 years weighing technology at its best
Wipotec GmbH (Germany) - Wipotec GmbH is an innovative company situated in Kaiserslautern/Germany. Ever since it was founded in 1988 the company has been growing constantly and quickly. Today, Wipotec is a technology leader with a staff of 380 and subsidiaries in Italy and the USA.

The core business of Wipotec is he development, production and integration of ultra-fast precision Weigh Cells and high-tech weighing systems for high-speed applications.

Wipotec Weigh Cells are applied in a wide range of industrial production processes, such as checkweighers, filling, dosing and price labeling systems as well as the integration in packaging machines. Furthermore, highly specific solutions, tailored to the needs of the customers, are implemented for the pharmaceutical industry to weigh capsules, tablets, syringes and vials.

The Weigh Cell work according to the principle of Electro Magnetic Force Restoration (EMFR). They are based on the monoblock technology which makes them extremely precise and fast and enables them to render accurate weighing results even at highest speeds and under the most adverse conditions. Vibrations can be actively compensated for. The product range includes models which can weigh a mere microgram and others which can deal with loads from µg up to 120 kg.

Wipotec places special emphasis on the independent development of all necessary technologies and core components. Therefore, about 25 percent of the staff work in hardware and software development. The in-house development and project engineering departments enable the company to provide all production documents required within a very short time frame and with a maximum of flexibility.

The heart of all Weigh Cells, the so-called monoblock, is manufactured in the in-house machining centre by means of state-of-the-art CNC milling machines. However Wipotec’s systematic in-house policy does not end with the mechanical manufacturing, the printed circuit boards are also manufactured under the same roof by automatic pick-and-place machines.

These components are put together in the cleanrooms of the Weigh Cell assembly before they have to undergo an extensive testing and adjusting process. Finally, the Weigh Cells reach their application in dynamic checkweighers and in integrable weighing systems.

OCS Checkweighers GmbH, a fully owned subsidiary company, is the brand for checkweighers and X-ray scanners. Development and production of high-performance checkweighers and X-ray scanners is also located at the site in Kaiserslautern. The broad product range covers the areas food, pharma, chemistry, cosmetics, logistics as well as industry. A close meshed international sales and service network is provided.

Certified to DIN EN ISO 9001.

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