Weighing Review Awards 2023

Weighing Review Awards 2023

Here are the Weighing Review Awards 2023 WINNERS. Congratulations!

Best Weighing Companies

First place

Balanças Marques

Balanças Marques

BALANÇAS MARQUES (part of Grupo José Pimenta Marques Lda.), with headquarters in Braga, Portugal, is a company with more than 50 years o...

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Second place

Barcelbal – Balanças e Básculas, Lda

Barcelbal – Balanças e Básculas, Lda

Barcelbal – Balanças e Básculas, Lda began its activity in the production of scales and weighbridges in the 80s, with the dev...

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Third place

RADWAG Balances and Scales

RADWAG Balances and Scales

RADWAG is among the key players manufacturing electronic weighing equipment worldwide. Where to begin? Maybe from the hardships and drudgery we liv...

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Best Laboratory Scales/Balances
RADWAG XA 5Y.M.A Microbalance - ELLIPSIS series
RADWAG Balances and Scales

RADWAG XA 5Y.M.A Microbalance - ELLIPSIS series

Do you need a balance that not only determines weight with impressive accuracy, but also performs a digital audit, responds to your voice commands and sends you light messages?

If so, learn about the functionality of the ELLIPSIS series of balances:


Digital Weighing Auditor

Ensures that your balance is ready for use. It enables air buoyancy compensation in real-time. What is more, it informs about the need for a balance inspection or a periodic audit of the balance’s accuracy and sensitivity.


10-Inch Display

Bigger screen – 10’’ – means more information in one place. On the new ELLIPSIS terminal, you will see up to 3 screens, widgets, graphs, statuses, notes, handy measurement history.


Uncompromising User Verification

For the first time ever, the balance will verify the user using a password, RFID card, fingerprint reader, facial recognition mechanism, or any combination of these.


Automatic Leveling of the Balance ReflexLEVEL System

Instead of manually leveling your scale - level it automatically. The ReflexLEVEL System saves you time and gives you maximum precision in your measurements.


Ambient Light

An innovative way for the balance to communicate with the user. The light colour will tell you about status, process results, procedures, or alerts.



Use the balance on any device connected to it. This can be a smartphone, tablet, or computer.



ELLIPSIS works with RFID tags* that can be used to tag your products or formulation ingredients in the database. They can also be used to identify a user.


Live Note – Note Down Your Conclusions

It’s the first time you can add a voice memo to a measurement series or procedure report. If you prefer to write it down, ELLIPSIS allows you to add a text note.


Smart Min Weight

The balance displays whether the value of the weight you want to weigh is below or above the minimum weight threshold.

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Best Personal/Fitness Scales

No nominations to this category

Best Kitchen Scales

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Best Retail Scales
Balanças Marques BM5 ARM
Balanças Marques

Balanças Marques BM5 ARM

The scale that will take your business to another level!

BM5 ARM is the result of a half-century work by Balanças Marques, the ultimate exponent of knowledge and quality, a product of excellence capable of taking any business to another level.

With top-of-the-line hardware and software, BM5 ARM goes far beyond its high technical skills. It has that something that does not translate into words, but that feels in its presence, never leaving anyone indifferent.

BM5 ARM is a top-of-the-line scale, with new characteristics and features and a bold image. Unbeatable in hardware, insuperable in software and incomparable in design, BM5 ARM is the best scale for a winning business.

Some of the innovations presented by BM5 ARM:

  • Built-in Scanner
  • Sliding Printing Mechanism
  • Digital Level Bubble
  • Motherboard Marques with Dual Core processor
  • Plate with Backrest

BM5 ARM is available in Double Body and Suspension versions; and in Label and Ticket 2" and 3" versions.

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Best Medical Scales

No nominations to this category

Best Industrial Scales
MWS Hygeia Check Weigher
Micro Weighing Solutions - MWS Ltd

MWS Hygeia Check Weigher

Designed and manufactured by MWS in the UK, the Hygeia Check Weigher is a low-cost hygienic weighing scale for use on production lines. The scale is ideal for businesses looking to control portion size and manage target weighing on production lines. 

The Hygeia features two single pieces of 304 stainless steel with the lower plate angled to allow the terminal to be mounted at the rear. There are three feet on the Hygeia check weigher which eliminates the need to level off a rocking scale that has four feet. 

The versatile scale is easy to programme and use, and comes with a high performing IP68 stainless steel weight indicator. The 40mm big coloured backlit display gives a clear view of the weight and helps the user during the weighing operations. 

The terminal features a traffic light process going from Amber – Under, Green - OK and Red – Over making portion control incredibly simple for operators. 

The Hygeia Check Weigher has been built to last and comes with a lifetime warranty on the structure of the scale.  

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Best Animal Scales

No nominations to this category

Best Load Cells
UTILCELL MODEL 350 Shear Beam Load Cell

UTILCELL MODEL 350 Shear Beam Load Cell

UTILCELL (Spain) – The load cell Model 350 (300…10.000 kg), together its mounting kits, have been designed for robust and accurate weighing in industrial processes of tanks and hoppers, with multiple advantages:

- Model 350i version: Fully stainless-steel construction. Hermetically sealed with the highest protection degree IP 68 and IP 69K.

- Model 350a/n version: Stainless steel or nickel-plated alloy steel construction. Silicone sealed with IP 66 protection degree.

- Globally used in legal weighing systems. OIML R60 Class C 3.000 divisions and NTEP Class III & IIIL 5.000 and 10.000 multiple cell.

- Highly recommended load cell for any type of tanks and hoppers in industrial weighing applications.

- High repeatability and high accuracy of the weighing values.

- Accessories available in several versions:

  • Improved force transmission to the load cell due to a ball-based joint, giving the best accommodation in cases of thermal expansion, structural torsion, and deflection.
  • Rubber silent-block for higher impact and vibration protection.
  • Load foot for industrial 4-load cell platform scales.

- Superior safety systems for the utmost reliability:

  • Easy installation in the tank and hopper supports, with or without the load cell.
  • Blockage bolts for transport protection of the load cells.
  • Upper plate with conical holes for self-centering.
  • Integrated lift-off prevention system.

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Best Onboard Weighing Systems
Zemic B6F load cell for onboard weighing system
Zemic Europe B.V.

Zemic B6F load cell for onboard weighing system

In onboard weighing systems (OBWS), the B6F load cell is the most commonly used load cell to integrate in garbage and waste trucks. When you use load cells for waste management, you have the possibility to implement a so called “pay-as-you throw” fee. This load cell is installed in the front-end loader trucks, side loader trucks and rear-end loader trucks. Once this loadcell is installed together with the electronics, you will be able to charge for the weight of the garbage that is collected. A single bin can be weighed automatically. You can also encourage people to reduce residual waste.

Besides the fact that you are able to invoice based on weight, you will also have real time information about the transportation weight. The accumulated weight can also be calculated. A garbage monitoring system can help enterprises gain insight into the garbage collection.

The B6F is a stainless steel single point load cell. It is available in 50 kg - 2000 kg capacities. This load cell has an OIML approval. This means it is suitable for legal for trade applications.

When a stainless steel load cell is overrated for your garbage truck, this model is also available in aluminium (L6F) and alloy steel (H6F).

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Best Aircraft/Airport Scales

No nominations to this category

Best Weighing Instrumentation
RADWAG PUE CY10 Advanced Terminal For Modern Industry
RADWAG Balances and Scales

RADWAG PUE CY10 Advanced Terminal For Modern Industry

Thanks to its innovative solutions for the industry, the PUE CY10 will take weighing in your business to another, higher level.


The PUE CY10 terminal is the head of the CY10 series precision balances and 1 load cell platform scales. It features a durable housing with an IP 43 ingress protection and numerous communication interfaces, including Ethernet, Hotspot and Wi-Fi® .


Innovation to Match ELLIPSIS

The PUE CY10 terminal has all the strengths of the 5Y terminal used in the ELLIPSIS series balances, that is:

  • 10-inch display
  • Uncompromised user verification
  • Hotspot
  • RFID
  • Live Note voice and text notes
  • Voice commands for the device
  • Measurement history within the Handy Library
  • Widgets
  • Ambient Light

Labeling Scale Functionality

The PUE CY10 terminal has been extended with features specific to labeling scales, as it:

  • Cooperates with the computer program Label Editor R02
  • Is compatible with ZEBRA label printers
  • Supports single labels, bulk labels and bulk from bulk labels
  • Allows import/export of label designs using a pendrive
  • Enables you to assign labels to goods or customers and print a global label

Software for Special Tasks

The PUE CY10 terminal software has a set of innovative features that make daily work with the scale easier:

  • Cooperation with up to 2 weighing platforms
  • Updating statistical data separately for each commodity or globally
  • Tare mode expanded to include Dispenser mode capability

Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance®.

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Best Dosing, Filling and Packaging Solutions
General Measure Continuous Weighing Scale B103B-12T
General Measure Technology Co. Ltd.

General Measure Continuous Weighing Scale B103B-12T

B103B-12T is a weighing and batching equipment with intermittent feeding and continuous discharging.  During the operation, it can discharge constantly with uniform mixing material and automatic flow correction. The flow rate can be adjusted from 0.5t to 12t per hour. The accumulated accuracy is under 0.1%. It can be widely used in food processing, chemical material processing, and other flow-batching applications. 

  • Discharging level detection to ensure uniformity of flowing material;
  • Capable of any granular material;
  • With the function of flow self-adaption during the operation;
  • One set for cleaning material in the weighing hopper after batching.

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Best Truck Scales/Weighbridges
Balanças Marques PCM M1500e
Balanças Marques

Balanças Marques PCM M1500e

Innovation is part of our DNA and from the beginning that our weighbridge is distinguished by being at the forefront and pioneering the implementation of major advances in engineering and technology.

The PCM M1500e weighbridge has a rigid and intelligent structure, with technical profiles specially designed and calculated for this model, which adds more stability and strength.

With the best quality sheet metal, the new intelligent profiles are laser-defined and fully produced in the latest robotic welding section of our metalworking unit.

The PCM M1500e is fully configurable in versions ranging from 4 to 12 load cells, being 100% compatible with analog and digital load cells Model MC-CT.


  • QUICK INSTALLATION - Installing a PCM M1500e takes less than a day. It has been developed so that it can be installed easily with the use of few human and technical resources, through a fully modular factory prepared.
  • FLEXIBILITY OF USE - The PCM M1500e has the advantage of being easily disassembled and transported for use at another location, with total use of the equipment.
  • PRODUCT READY TO GO - Balanças Marques guarantees its customers all the convenience and ease of not needing to hire other services following the acquisition of a PCM Marques, since we provide a full turnkey service.
  • GLOBAL COMPETITIVE PRICE - The PCM M1500e can be used in multiple locations and without related costs to construction or destruction of civil work, at least significant, and because it saves the customer from hiring other companies in other related services, such as the CE verification and legalization of equipment.
  • RECOGNIZED QUALITY - Balanças Marques is the largest Iberian manufacturer of weighbridges for weighing trucks and it probably is the company in Europe that most manufactures scales, producing, on average, about 20 meters of bridge per day.

Besides the numerous prestigious clients nationwide, the weighbridges Marques are present all over the world. We export more than 90% of our production.

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Best Train Scales/Weighbridges

No nominations to this category

Best Weigh-In-Motion Systems (WIM)
BES Group CWS™
BES Group

BES Group CWS™

BES Group’s CWS™ is an on-board weighing system for RTGs, Straddle Carriers, RMGs and Reach stackers that provides terminals with a highly accurate method of obtaining real-time VGM during lifting and stacking operations.

CWS™ replaces time-consuming weighbridges to provide a new, faster and automated method of container weighing.

CWS™ utilises our proven, highly-accurate load monitoring pins and diaphragm load cells to provide an efficient, SOLAS compliant method for VGM processing.

Our bespoke load cells are installed into the spreader, headblock, or sheaves of container stacking equipment and deliver container weighing speed increases of up to 300% when compared with weighbridges and other alternative solutions.

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Best Weighing Software/Solutions
Balanças Marques BM5 ETPOS 5
Balanças Marques

Balanças Marques BM5 ETPOS 5

ETPOS 5 is a certified weighing, billing and management software, used on Balanças Marques BM5 retail scales, the completion of the market search for a solution that would meet the users real needs, making use of the most modern and functional technology.

ETPOS 5 is a versatile and fully configurable weighing and POS software to suit diverse commercial management features, with a complete resources optimization since it is designed for a well defined specific utilization.

ETPOS 5 is a reference in the Portuguese market, with thousand of users, due to the success that rapidly gained given its numerous qualities, being exported to important markets such as Spain, France, Germany, amongst many other countries all over the world.

ETPOS 5 is certified by NMI Certin B.V. with No. TC8610, as part of a scale, in accordance with the requirements of EN 45501 and OIML R76-1, which ensures compliance with the essential requirements of Directive 2009/23/EC the non-automatic weighing instruments.

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Best Checkweighers
RADWAG DWM H2 Multi-Track Checkweigher
RADWAG Balances and Scales

RADWAG DWM H2 Multi-Track Checkweigher

DWM H2 multi-track checkweigher is intended for control of a single load of mass up to 7500 g (depending on the model). Scale's software enables products control to be carried out either in accordance with user requirements or the Pre-Packaged Goods Control Regulation. A 'flexible limits' module is especially intended for pharmaceutical plants. The devices feature PZH food approval certificate.


DWM H2 checkweigher assures the highest quality and accuracy of weighing. It is intended for integration with multi-track packaging machines transporting products to the line using several parallel tracks. It is possible to integrate it in systems which due to the required throughput demand use of multiple checkweighers.


The scale is equipped with multiple tracks integrated into one construction, the tracks are operated via one operation panel. Each of the weighing tracks is an independent measuring system equipped with a weighing module and rejecters. The weighing tracks are placed next to each other. With this, products can be picked up directly from the packaging machine.


Multi-track scale throughput: tracks quantity x single track throughput of 500 pcs



  • Static weighing;
  • Checkweighing;
  • Database of operators with various permissions;
  • Products database;
  • Weighings database;
  • Reports database;
  • +/- control;
  • Pre-packaged goods control mode according to the regulation;
  • Pre-packaged goods control mode according to user requirements;
  • Autodiagnostics;
  • Automatic correction of packaging mass;
  • Verification of rejecter operation;
  • Pressure control of the power supply installation;
  • Bin overload sensor;
  • Integration with feeders;
  • Compatibility with PLCs;
  • Reports;
  • Reports export to PDF files;
  • Control of products transport;
  • Product dimensions control;
  • Smooth regulation of conveyors speed;

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Best Load Monitoring Solutions
UTILCELL Customized Load Pin

UTILCELL Customized Load Pin

UTILCELL (Spain) - The UTILCELL’s load PIN is specially designed for replacing and upgrading existing axles and provide reliable measurements of loads applied on the same axis.

Including the UTILCELL’s load PIN brings many benefits as:

  • ATEX version available Zone 0-1-2 and 20-21-22.
  • Weighing control, limitation, and monitoring of overloads.
  • Preventive maintenance actions for safety and reducing costs.
  • 100% compatible with your existing axles.
  • Easy to replace and install with no systems modifications.
  • Immediate quotation and fast delivery terms including customized detailed drawings and full-technical specifications.
  • Robust construction in high strength stainless steel.
  • Standard: IP 66 protection. Optionally: IP 68 and ATEX.
  • Working temperature from -20ºC to +90ºC and high temperature up to +180ºC.

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Best Websites



Utilcell’s website aims to assist our customers with:

  • 100% updated information.
  • 24/7 direct access to about 5.000 documents, both technical and commercial.
  • Boost user’s agility to reach all the needed information. Simple and easy-to-use.
  • NEWS section allows you to stay tuned to our latest news and other relevant information highlighted.
  • Technical Notes and Application Manuals to assist on specific configurations with examples.
  • Applications of all our load cells.
  • Available in different languages of our markets
  • Product, company, quality certificates available for download.
  • Load PIN customized configurator.

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Best Online Stores

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Best Dimensioning and Weighing Systems

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