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Balanças Saturno SA (Brazil)

The Saturno Balances commitment is to keep a relationship based on respect and transparency with our customers, collaborators and suppliers, knowing and following all the phases in each business. We believe that this is the best way to establish a reliable relationship with our partners and offer the best solutions tailored to their needs. We are proud to be close of those that, through their work, play a vital role in the country's economy. Calling attention because of their work, they contribute for the growth and the development of the nation. That's why Saturno bets in the wealth of its land, using national resources and recognizing the capacity of our professionals.

Applying our own technology, with permanent investments in researches and development, we offer total security to the market, presenting the best solutions from the most complex project to an efficient technical assistance. Through the control and domain that Saturno exerts on its production process, we guarantee the complete attendance that the market demands, being a company with Certification ISO 9001-2000, a quality differential. Our work is recognized and proven for the main agencies of metrology, as OIML, INMETRO, NTEP, among others. With all the confidence in Saturno's work, we can assure customers a real partnership.

Main Products

Railroad Scales, Static Railroad Weighing, Truck Scales, Concrete Scales, Agricultural Scales, Weighing Indicators, Industrial Scales, Load Cells, Accessories, Automation, Weighing Platforms, Digital Scales, Price Computing Scales, Counting Scales, etc.

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