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ConFoot Ltd (Finland)

ConFoot Ltd is a Finnish company currently based in Espoo, Finland, and with a distributor network in over 20 countries.

A proud representative of Finnish tradition of world-class manufacturing, design and innovation, ConFoot’s products are all portable, reliable and affordable, and reflect the company’s core mission: creating value by reducing costs and streamlining the supply chain.

Main Products

The main products are the ConFoot CF set for general use, and the ConFoot CFP set for loading bays and pockets.

ConFoot products are the most lightweight and cost effective container handling solutions on the market today. The high strength steel, yet only 24 kg, legs can be fitted to ISO corner casting in a matter of minutes by just one person. After the suspension of the chassis has been adjusted, a truck can simply drive away, leaving the container standing.

The possibilities for enhancing, streamlining and reducing costs in a supply chain are vast.

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