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Coti Global Sensors Manufacturing (United States)

Coti Global Sensors, Mfg., is a premier worldwide manufacturer of Load Cells, Tank Weighing Assemblies, Floor Scales and accessories. Our corporate distribution office is located in Harvest, AL. Coti Global Sensors state of the art manufacturing facility is located in Hangzhou China. Coti Global Sensors, Mfg., an ISO 9001:2008 QMS certified company offers one of the largest selection of load cells available from any manufacturer. Product certifications include: NTEP Certified Load Cells, NTEP Approved Floor Scales, Factory Mutual Approved Load Cells, Factory Mutual Approved Junction Boxes and UBC Seismic Approved Weighing Assemblies.

Main Products

Load Cells, Canisters Load Cells, Compression Load Cells, Canisters - Universal Tension/Compression Load Cells, Single Point Load Cells, S-Beam Load Cells, Single Ended Beams, Double Ended Beams, Floor Scales, Hardware and Accessories, Junction Boxes, Summing Cards, Tank Mounts, Weigh Modules, Printers, Load Cell Protection Hardware, Indicators, Process Control, Remote Displays, Etc.

Contact Details

  • Coti Global Sensors Manufacturing, 5709 Highway 53 Harvest, Al 35749, USA
  • 1-256-852-9900; Toll Free: 1-866-762-2684
  • 1-256-852-9903

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