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ELTE GPS Group (Poland)

ELTE GPS Group is developing and producing telematic system for various markets, which are based on the GPS system and use the mobile network to transmit data in real time to servers.

Our product range includes systems supporting the managment of the operational activies of waste collection companies. The implementation of our hardware and software automates the scheduling tasks, waste bin and container managment, waste collection activities and other tasks.

Our offer includes automated, on truck mounted waste weighing systems for bins and dumpsters (skips). We offer a dynamic waste weighing systems for rear-loaded, side-loaded and front-loaded garbage collection trucks, which are connected to the onboard GPS controllers. The system automatically identifies the waste bins using our automated RFID or barcode system and recordes the weigth of the collected garbage, while emptying the bins without any time delay.

We also offer a static weighing systems for larger containers as used for example for collection of industrial waste, which may also be combined with automated or manual container identification system.  

Main Products

Waste Weighing Systems
Telematic Systems
GPS Vehicle Tracking

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