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Fabryka Wag Kalisto (Poland)

Fabryka Wag Kalisto is a member of Polish (SPWAG) and the European Association of Scale Manufacturers (CECIP) established in France. We are represented in Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Estonia and Germany. Our company is the fastest growing truck scale producer in Eastern and Central Europe. Continuous development focused on high quality products, short delivery time and reasonable price policy – these are the mainstays of our success that distinguish us among other truck scale producers.

Fabryka Wag Kalisto uses the finest art of German electronic components as well as durable and proven load cells from Zemic and Sensocar. This is the company's policy from the beginning.

Our team can be met on various trade fairs and agricultural exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Minikowo International Agricultural Fair and International Agricultural Exhibition Agro Show at Bednary are constant exhibitions where Kalisto is showing own scale products.

The employees of Fabryka Wag Kalisto became authorized to carry out the EC conformity assessment procedure. Therefore Kalisto is entitled to issue verification certificates for platform scales and weighbridges in compliance with current regulation of the European Union.

Main Products

All types of Truck Scales (steel, concrete, composite), Axle Weighing Systems, Weighbridges, Weighing Platforms, Dynamic/Motion Weighing Systems, Rail Weighing Systems, Rail Weighbridges, Transportable and Movable Weighing Platforms and Weighbridges, Belt Scales, Customizable Weighing Software, Customizable Self-service Weighing Systems for Unmanned Operations, Accessories for Truck Scales., Etc.

Contact Details

  • Fabryka Wag Kalisto, ul. Inowrocławska 12, 88-170 Pakość, Poland.
  • +48 52 345 69 18
  • +48 52 352 47 84

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