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JBT (United States)

JBT supplies both customized industrial and turnkey solutions used in the food processing industry. With innovation, we design, manufacture and service turnkey, as well as custom food processing equipment for the preparation of meat, seafood and poultry products, ready-to-eat meals, shelf stable packaged foods, bakery products, juice and dairy products, and fruit and vegetable products.

Our equipment sterilizes more than 50% of the world’s shelf-stable canned foods, freezes more than 50% of the world’s frozen foods and squeeze more than 75% of the world’s citrus juices.

In addition to sales and services offices based in more than 25 countries, we also support our customers through research and technology centers located in North America (4), South America (1), Europe (5), and Asia (1).

Main Products

X-Ray Technology, Juice & Fruit Processing, Spiral & Linear Freezer Systems, Trimming, Filling & Closing, Water Jet Cutting, Coating, Cooking, & Frying, Freezing & Chilling, Brine Preparation Injection, Impingement Freezer, Portioning, Automatic Guided Vehicles, Pumpable Food Processing, Sterilization, Mixing, Clipping & Bagging Systems, High Pressure Processing, Packaging Systems, pharma, Marination & Injection e Tray sealing.

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