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KELK (Canada)

Founded in 1953, George Kelk Corporation (KELK) (Vishay Precision Group Canada ULC), an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, specializes in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art electronic measurement equipment used mainly in steel and aluminum rolling mills, paper mills, and mining applications around the world.

Today, we have over 160 employees. They stand by our name; many have been awarded for their long-term hard work at KELK. Moreover, our employees have multinational educational backgrounds and experiences that are necessary to keep KELK ahead of its competitors.

KELK operates from a modern plant located in Toronto, Canada which houses Head Office, Engineering, Manufacturing, Research, Sales and Service functions for the company, with Sales and Marketing sections supported by a worldwide network of agents.

We are a long established company and have stable and growing business levels with a wide range of products. We serve geographically diverse markets with over 95% of our sales outside of Canada.

KELK is proud to be a part of Vishay Precision Group.

Main Products

Measurement & Control for Metals Rolling Mills, Load Cells, Custom Load Cells, Etc.

Contact Details

  • KELK (Vishay Precision Group Canada ULC), 48 Lesmill Road, Toronto, Ontario, M3B 2T5 Canada
  • +1 416 445 5850; Toll-Free (North America): +1 888 ASK KELK

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