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Kistler-Morse (United States)

Kistler-Morse designs & manufactures premier weight solutions for both Bulk and In-Process applications around the world.

We give you the inventory measurement and control capabilities you are looking for with sensors and controllers as well as remote inventory management.

Main Products

Tank/Vessel/Structure/Silo Weighing Systems, Silo Scales, Bolt-On Weighing Systems, Load Cells/Direct Support Sensors, Load Stands, Bulk Inventory Weighing, Single-axis Bolt-on Strain Gauge Sensors, Dual-axis Strain Gauge Sensors, Weight Indicators/Controllers, Ultrasonic Level Systems, Remote Monitoring, Interfaces, Etc.

Contact Details

  • Kistler-Morse, 150 Venture Blvd., Spartanburg, SC 29306, USA
  • 864-574-2763; Toll-Free (North America): 1-800-426-9010
  • 864-574-8063

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