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Leon Engineering SA (Greece)

Leon Engineering is a highly competitive weighbridges manufacturer, based in Greece, with more than 30 years of experience. Innovation and superior quality are some of the company main principles, which reflect on every step of the manufacturing process; from the design, to the construction, supply and support of the current and perspective customers.

Leon Engineering is positioned in the market as a manufacturing company and ''one stop shop for weighbridges applications'' which provides an excellent portfolio of products and solutions, that suit almost all classical needs of the weighbridge industry. Moreover, the company has managed to satisfy special needs, several times, by executing custom made weighbridge projects.

Exports activities are the major part of Leon Engineering's business for more than half the years of its operations. Today the company exports its products in more than 60 countries via a worldwide network of scale manufacturers, distributors and OEMs; Germany, France, UK, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Sweden, Finland, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Australia are some of the countries that have purchased our products. We are constantly looking for distributors in open areas.

Main Products

Steel or composite steel-concrete, fixed or transportable, pit or pit-less mounted, with middle gap or full without gap, with premounted loadcells or loadcells placed on site, normal duty or heavy duty weighbridges, low headroom option, normal industrial paint or hot galvanised, steel transportable foundations and ramps or prefabricated concrete foundations and ramps, automatic axle weighing measurement, economical axle weighing weighbridges, unattended system without operator, loading automation, camera supervised system, ATEX versions, weighing indicators, load-cells, junction boxes, weighing software, spare parts, custom made weighing projects, service and support.

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