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Lorrimar Weighing Ltd (United Kingdom)

The company was formed over 60 years ago by Joseph Arthur Lorrimar. He started the company by offering his knowledge and experience of Weighing & Food Preparation Equipment, which he had gained whilst working for ASCO (Automatic Scale Company) as a service to businesses such as Butchers & Grocers.

The company grew from servicing and repairs by also out sourcing and supplying quality & reliable Weighing & Food Preparation Equipment.

As the advances in technology came such as the electronic age the company diversified into two areas these being Retail & Industrial. This still holds true today along with the original company values of Honest, Friendly & Reliable Service.

Due to continual growth and advances of the Industrial Weighing market and to meet customers requirements and expectations the name J.A. Lorrimar & Company changed to Lorrimar Weighing Ltd 4 years ago. We still however trade under the name J.A. Lorrimar & Co. for Retail & Food Preparation Equipment.

The Retail sector covers Price Computing, Weighing & labelling Equipment as well as Slicing Machines & Food Preparation Equipment.
The Industrial sector covers the vast spectrum of equipment from Laboratory Balances, Weighing & Labelling Equipment through to Vehicle Weighing & Bespoke Systems.

As an Independent company we still provide customers with equipment and services to meet all their requirements whilst offering service & support on any existing equipment. We are a member of the UK Weighing Federation.

Main Products

Weighing Indicators, Weighing Modules, Load Cells & Accessories, Atex Weighing Equipments, Bench And Table Top Scales, Floor And Platform Scales, Mobile Weighing Equipments, Vehicle & Axle Weighing, Counting Scales, Balances, Retail/Shop Scales, Marine Scales, Bespoke Equipments, Industrial Scales, Etc.

Contact Details

  • Lorrimar Weighing Ltd, Lorrimar House, Hatfield Hitech Park, Goulton Street, Hull HU3 4DD, UK
  • +48 (48) 386 60 00
  • 01482 214106

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