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NEU Process (France)

Located at the heart of Europe, NEU Process is specialized in powder and pellets processes. Thanks to our century of experience and to our specific know-how, we benefit from a well established technology-based experiment placing NEU Process as an undisputed world leader in the field of bulk solids.

We take the responsibility of a project from the first feasibility and engineering studies up to the commissioning including the design, the erection, and the training. We work for first-class leading companies which fields of activities is as varied as food, chemical, powder, mineral, compounder and producer of polymer materials, etc….. We also have at customer’s disposal comprehensive industrial scale test and development facilities equipped with the whole range of conveying techniques and extensive processing equipment which enable us to specify the most suitable technique or combination for each application.

Main Products

Pneumatic handling installations(dilute phase, low velocity dense phase NEUPHASE®, blowing or vacuum systems. We can also design and integrate all complementary process functions such as storage of products in silos and intake / discharge systems for silos, big bags and sacks, dosing, weighing, mixing, sieving, grinding. Design and building automated systems for integrated conveying and processing plant are also realized in-house by our own specialized teams. Spare parts, specific components (rotary valves, diverter valve, process filters, cyclone, pellet cleaner, etc,…).

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  • PA de la Houssoye – rue Ampère – 59930 La Chapelle d’Armentières – France
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