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Prime Scales (United States)

Prime Scales has been manufacturing floor scales, bench scales, counting scales, pallet truck scales, medical scales, crane scales, balance scales, animal/vet scales, food/deli scales, scale indicators, load cells etc... for more than 30 years. We are engaged in building high quality weighing scales at great low prices. Many of our products are NTEP approved. Quality is our first priority. We test, re-rest and re-re-test our products during and after the production, and before we ship your order. We also offer 24/7 over-the-phone service standing by for all your needs.

We have built up our truck scales line in 2012, and we are building up our medical scales line for 2013. We couldn't have been growing so fast without your support. In return, since Nov. 2012, we offer 60% discount for all our dealers and an even deeper discount for our distributors. We are looking for distributors in each State.

We regard our distributors as our partners who distribute our full line to the dealers in their territory. Please contact us if you are interested in adding our product line to your product line.

Main Products

Industrial Scales, Floor Scales, Wrapping Machines, Counting Scales, Checkweighers, Crane Scales, Drum Scales, Bench Scales, Postal/Shipping Scales, Weighing Scales, Pallet Scales, Truck Scales, Food Scales, Portion Control Scales, Kitchen Scales, Washdown Scales, Medical Scales, Wheel Chair Scales, Vet/Animal Scales, Physician Scales, Bariatric / Handrail Scales, Pediatric Scales, Dietary Scales, Body Fat / Bathroom Scales, Balance Scales, Table Top Balances, Pocket Scales, Agriculture Scales, Live Stock Scales, Load Cells, Double-ended Beams, Single-ended Beams, S-type Beams, Single-point Cells, Canister / Compression Load Cells, Accessories, Scale Indicators, Junction Boxs / Summing Cards, Ramps, Printers, Cables, Scale Kits, etc.

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