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SC Endüstri A.Ş (Turkey)

Established in Ankara in 1996, principally aims to develop Scada & PLC Systems, MCC Panels, Control and Heat Control Systems, Conveyor Band Weighers, Dosing Band Weighers and Autoclave Systems by offering its foreign and domestic clients also Project Design and Engineering Services, Since 1996 it has already provided a considerable number of services for innumerable domestic companies, introducing them with the facilities and advantages of most up-to-date high-tech novelties of automation in a number of sectors ranging from Cement Factories to Instant Concrete Plants to Food Process Industry to refineries and to many other sectors, which do turn more profitable through automation. Being highly experienced in the field, SC Ltd. makes use of the latest novelties of the modern technology, providing its customers with the services of production, installation, project, know-how and technical aid with the most experienced, moderate and reliable staff. With its highly specialized staff, our company serves the domestic industry with the advantages and facilities of the most advanced computerized systems with no assistance from without, be it a know-how, patent or license agreement.

Despite its relatively younger age, it started to take the leading role in the automation field via the quality of service it has provided for a range of well known industrial corporations in Turkey, all attesting its maturity and respectability, its target is LEADERSHIP and NOVELTY and its motto is SERVICEABILITY.

Sc Ltd. Primarily seeks to determine technological and automation needs of the establishments and intends to develop detailed plan for the course of action to be taken for each one of his clients, taking, into consideration the profitalibility and practicality of any such action under specific conditions of competition. In all stages of the process, showing utmost care for creativity and originality is one of the most indispensable musts of our company.

Increasingly, the new core competence is creativity. And our technical staff is geared to nurture innovation as it leads to greater productivity and our company does have the brain power to adopt itself to ever increasing novelties of the computer assisted modern industry. In fact, the latest achievements of Sc Ltd, especially in developing the most up-to-date Factory Automation Systems is a self-contained proof of the fact that rather than following, Sc Ltd. has turned into a company which is followed by other companies in Turkey. With realization of the slogan “Yesterday's Experience is Tomorrow's Technology” our company is now preparing itself to shape the future.

Main Products

Weighing Feeders, Belt Scales, Bigbag Filling Machines, Jet Pulse Filters, Flowmeters, Automation Systems (MCC-MDB-PLC-SCADA), Checkweighers, Truck Scales.

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