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Shering Weighing Limited (United Kingdom)

In today’s global economic environment Shering’s determination to remain as the world’s number one on quality and technology has been achieved by focusing 100% on the four cornerstones - Integrity, Quality through strength, Design excellence and Value. Our worldwide reputation for weighbridge design is established and widely recognised. This strategy has been very successful and has enabled the company to remain highly competitive, with many customers signing sole supplier agreements.

Exclusive Features:

Shering Weighbridge Design
Technology based Patented design
*10 year structural guarantee (*subject to certain conditions)
Simple foundation construction – no foundation bolts
Unique Impact Damage Eliminator “IDE” Restraint Post System
Hermetically sealed stainless steel load cells
Built in load cell lightning Protection System
All cables enclosed in water and rodent proof flexible conduit
Proven structural strength and reliability – 12.5mm deck plate over the plane (15mm over the pattern)
Steel blast-cleaned to Swedish 2.5 standard
An EXCLUSIVE long term Corrosion Protection System (CPS)
ISO9001 Quality Approved manufacturing systems and procedures

Shering Weighbridges – Designed For Ease of Maintenance:

Longevity designed-in - Total structural integrity, durable protective coating, value for money
Extensive use of stainless steel - Used for load cells, load bearing plugs, restraint posts, access cover fixing screws
Extensive use of composite materials - Used for load cell mounting pads, restraint bushes, external junction box
Ease of access to serviceable parts - Removable access covers in weighbridge deck surface above load cells and restraint post system
Environmental protection of electronics - Load cells & junction box rated to IP68, flexible conduit for load cell cables rated to IP66
Minimum downtime - Standardisation of parts throughout the same design platform makes “first-time-fixes” a reality

With a prestigious award for our business strategy Shering Weighing changed the face of the weighbridge industry worldwide with its technology and quality revolution. Shering Weighing were the pioneers of the very first weighbridge to have a fully weights and measures approved computerised weighbridge hardware and software system not to mention being the very first to achieve approval under the new European regulations.

The end result of the Shering weighbridge strategy has helped the business to sustain its worldwide reputation and presence in the market as a British owned and family managed Company.

Main Products

Weighbridges, Weighbridges Instrumentation, Weighing Indicators, Weighing Software and Systems, Weighbridges Software, Platform Scales, Load Cells, etc.

Contact Details

  • Shering Weighing Limited, Pitreavie Business Park, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland, KY11 8UL, UK
  • +44 (0) 1383 621505
  • +44 (0) 1383 620262

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