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Sipel S.R.L. (Argentina)

Our company Sipel is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic weighing systems of the Mercosur. It is present in markets throughout Latin America and it is a worldwide reference in weighing technology and quality. The Company, located since its beginnings in Rosario city, was founded in 1978 by Guillermo Barenboim. It focused primarily on the implementation of engineering projects and the production of specific equipment to control production processes. It was a pioneer in electronic weighing in our country. The state-of-the-art technology and the wide knowledge acquired thanks to the staff training in European and American major weighing companies, have allowed SIPEL to be, since the begining, at the forefront of the emerging electronic weighing industry, and to become, in a short time, a consultant and supplier of other companies in the same field. In mid 1998 SIPEL reinforced its commitment with quality by becoming the first Argentinean weighing company to certify its Quality System under ISO 9001 international standards, five years before the rest of its competitors.

SIPEL, electronic weighing technology, today and always, looking ahead.

Main Products

Digital indicators, Continuous Weighing Systems, Accessories, Scales for Weighing at sea, Automation and Control, Axles Weighing, Tanks and Silos Weighing, Livestock Scales or Pallets, Packaging, Hanging loads, Truck scales, Platform Scales, Weighing cars and airplanes, Truck Weighing Software, Weighing Software, Standard/Calibration Weights, Laboratory Scales, Industrial Scales, Precision Scales, Counting Scales, Analytical Balances, Load Cells, Etc.

Contact Details

  • Sipel S.R.L., Juan Manuel de Rosas 2233- (S 2000 FPK), Rosario - Argentina
  • (54-341) 482 9180
  • (54-341) 482 9180

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