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Taylor Precision Products (United States)

What is known as Taylor Precision Products today actually started out as two separate companies that joined together in the 1990s.

In 1851, George Taylor started Taylor Instruments in Rochester New York. The company started out making instruments for the professional market, in a very small factory shop. They started out small, but their motto was (and still remains) “Accuracy First.” When they compared their products to others, or were tasked with making replacement thermometers, the accuracy was the most important facet of their thermometers.

During the Industrial Revolution years, Taylor grew with the demands for new technologies, streamlining processes and advancing with the manufacturing world. In addition to thermometers and hygrometers, the company also made incubator thermometers, and controlled environment instruments, establishing itself in the professional market.

Taylor also established itself as a critical instrument manufacturer during World War 1. It made altitude barometers for the fighter aircraft, and was also the standard of any aircraft made during this time. During WWII, the company became a critical supplier of their precision instruments, such as compasses, with all of their thermometers, hygrometers and barometers going to the war effort, none for consumer use. Although, the most interesting point of history for Taylor was its part in designing and manufacturing ultra-secret pressure instruments for the Manhattan Project (the atomic bomb).

Taylor went though many changes in the next 60 years, with changes in manufacturing plants and several different owners. The one constant was its dedication to finding unique products for both the consumer and the professional markets, with accuracy, design and innovation being paramount.

The other part of Taylor Precision Products was the Hanson Scale Company. In 1888, the Hanson Scale Company was founded in Chicago, IL, making light industrial scales. The small workshop gradually grew through the years, continuing with its “design for customers” mantra. In order to save costs plus establish a European base, Hanson set up a manufacturing plant in Ireland. The Hanson name became and still is a very key and important brand in the UK market.

Hanssen Scale was eventually sold in the 1960’s, but the family didn’t rest for too long. The Hanssen’s then began Metro Corporation, mainly as an original equipment manufacturing base – they didn’t market scales under the Metro name until 1985. Metro then became a key US brand in the bath scale market, focusing on accurate and dependable mechanical (analog) scales.

The late 1990’s became a key time for both companies. First, in 1996, Taylor Environmental Instruments was sold to Lawrence Zalulsky & Associates, run by the key personnel that had run Health o meter Scales. In 1997, they purchased Metro Scale Corporation. Using the strong Taylor brand, Taylor was then used to brand bathroom scales. And, within only 3 years, Taylor became the number 1 brand in the consumer bath scale market.

In 2002, Taylor Precision Products was acquired by the HoMedics Corporation, the leader in the health and wellness product industry. HoMedics is known for a strong brand, innovative products, and cutting edge technology. That emphasis is now a part of Taylor’s corporate environment.

In 2004, HoMedics purchased Salter Housewares Ltd, a UK-based scale company, the leader in both kitchen and bath scales in the United Kingdom and a leader in kitchen scales in the USA. Salter Housewares USA was merged into Taylor Precision Products in 2006, where the two product lines were combined to be a strong force in measurement products.

2012 started a new chapter for Taylor Precision Products when it was purchased by Centre Partners, a New York based private equity group. Taylor Precision Products is now a stand-alone company, backed by a well-established investment group, and is poised for growth and development to take Taylor, Salter and our licensed brands into the future.

Taylor today stands for the same things it did in 1851 – strong brands, high quality, high accuracy and dedication to innovating both the professional and consumer markets.

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Weight Management, Analog Scales, Electronic Scales, Glass Electronic Scales, BMI Scales, Kitchen Scales, Food Scales, Restaurant & Hospitality Scales, Industrial Scales, Etc.

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