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Techno Fysica BV (Netherlands)

Techno Fysica has been operational in the Maritime and Oil & Gas Offshore sector since the early 1970’s in providing dedicated measurement services and tailor made products.

At present, Techno Fysica services worldwide customers in all sectors of the shipping, oil & gas industry, renewable energy and the industrial sector.

The focus is on preventing and solving problems with propulsion systems, in addition to which there is also a broad experience in the field of all possible mechanical installations that are not propulsion-related.

In most cases, damage investigations, field measurements and calculations are used to determine the cause of damage, excessive wear or non-compliance. Also calculations and advice in the design phase as well as condition monitoring and FAT measurements are part of our portfolio.

Techno Fysica also provides bespoke shaft power measurement systems for dredging and offshore for market leaders and for the world’s largest ships.


As a company specialized in technical measurements, we can monitor, analyze and diagnose. In other words, we investigate problems and prevent them. Thanks to our continuous presence in the field, we’re more than just a supplier.

We know the market, we know the applications, we know the problems and we know the solutions.

Together, this makes a unique combination.

Techno Monitoring Department is one of the world’s leading providers of strain gauge- and load cell related technologies. With a huge portfolio and production experience from our own products and other brands worldwide, we are a strong, reliable partner for all your Decommissioning Applications, Structural Crane Safety and Engineering, and Plant Automation. We are driving the next industrial revolution as a dedicated software developer/supplier and manufacturing company.

Techno Monitoring designs, produces and commissions custom made sensors (load cells), software and complete systems to monitor, amongst others, forces, load moments, torque, stresses, vibration and inclination. Backed up by our vast experience, dedication and ingenuity we are able to provide practical solutions to all requirements a customer might have.

Many renowned Marine- and Offshore Subcontractors and Operators of Renewable Energy, Decommissioning, pipe- and cable-lay vessels, semi-submersible crane vessels, trenchers, tugboats and dredgers for special projects and high-tech applications have used our skills and capabilities.

Techno Diagnosis is a totally independent consultant, specialized in troubleshooting, condition monitoring, new-building guidance and specification checks for marine mechanical systems in general and propulsion installations in particular.

Our experienced and skilled engineers use the most modern measuring equipment, FEM calculation programs and metallurgical damage assessment techniques to fulfil the customer’s needs.

Determining the cause of damages, excessive wear and -maintenance cost or lack of conformity to specifications, as well as finding solutions, is our challenge.

We work all around the globe and are available 24 hours/day.

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