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VAC-U-MAX (United States)

Worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of pneumatic conveying components and automated bulk material handling systems for conveying, weighing, and batching of powders and granular bulk materials. VAC-U-MAX has defined the leading edge of technology for bulk materials handling, designing, manufacturing, selling and supporting VAC-U-MAX systems worldwide.

Since 1954, VAC-U-MAX has been the pioneer in vacuum pneumatic conveying, developing the first air-powered venturi unit, advancing technologies for direct-loading of vacuum tolerant process equipment, and the first to design vertical-wall “Tube Hopper” material receivers.

Pneumatic Conveying represents the core of a VAC-U-MAX bulk material handling system, incorporating vacuum and pressure conveying technologies with a full range of VAC-U-MAX manufactured auxiliary equipment including loaders / receivers, bulk bag loading / unloading systems, mechanical / flexible screw conveying, bag dump stations, diverter valves, feed bins and vacuum pump packages. As a UL-listed manufacturer and supplier of control packages, VAC-U-MAX controls are easily integrated into existing plant PLC’s. Additionally, product range includes a full line of portable and central industrial vacuum cleaning systems for plant-wide clean-up and maintenance of powders, dusts, liquids, combustible dusts, metals, and flammable liquids.

Main Products

Pneumatic Conveying, Mechanical/Flexible Screw Conveying, Batching Systems, Bulk Bag Loading/Unloading, Sanitary Receivers, Wet/Dry Portable Vacs, Central Vac Systems, Combustible Dust Vacs, Air-Powerd Industrial Vacs, Batch & Continuous Conveying e Feeder Refill.

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