Weighing Review Awards 2019

Weighing Review Awards 2019

Nominated for Best Checkweighers

Minebea Intec Checkweigher Flexus®
Minebea Intec

Minebea Intec Checkweigher Flexus®

The checkweigher Flexus® meets the strictest requirements when it comes to hygienic design guidelines for packaged foods. A wide range of configurations ensure that every requirement is covered.

  • Hygienic design for easy cleaning and the highest level of quality in your production operations
  • Safety and reliability thanks to EMFC load cell technology
  • The ideal solution every time – configure Flexus® for your application
  • Also available as highspeed version
  • Easy to combine with metal detection technology Vistus®

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General Measure Checkweigher C101A-100G
General Measure Technology Co. Ltd.

General Measure Checkweigher C101A-100G

Optimal efficiency with increased precision

General Measure automatic checkweigher is made of premium stainless steel complying with FDA approval and the newest electrical safety regulations, which meets the highest demands for safety, easy usage and simple maintenance. The belt system can be changed easily and quickly.

Flexible Production Adjustment

  • Weigh range from 0.5g-100g
  • Easy integration in almost every production line
  • Variable belt speed control
  • Adjustable foot margin

Effective Product with High Accuracy

  • Excellent accuracy (±0.2g), especially with flexible packaging
  • 1,000,000pcs weight value for production statistics

Developed Functionality

  • Designed for control of packaged and unpackaged goods
  • Data storage and print
  • Statistics programs for evaluation

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RADWAG DWM HPE Labelling Checkweigher
RADWAG Balances and Scales

RADWAG DWM HPE Labelling Checkweigher

This new complex solution is intended for companies where there is a need to mark packaged products of variable masses. Due to the use of AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel, the checkweigher can gain food safety approval and be used in food production.

Integration of the labeller and label applicator with the checkweigher, due to the use of proprietary RADWAG software for label creation, ensures operational reliability of the whole machine. With this the time otherwise needed for integration of one device with another is saved.

The measuring system is based on electromagnetic converter which ensures measurement repeatability and speed. The label applicator and the labeller enable labelling of up to 70 pcs/min. RADWAG offers blow or tamp applicators mounted on the actuator or on the rotary arm. With this solution it is possible to label the product on each side.

The DWM HPE checkweigher features an SQL database. The database stores lists of products, operators, labels and reports of measurements. The checkweigher can be managed centrally.

DWM HPE checkweighers have type approval certification compliant with the MID directive, and have passed tests carried out in accordance with OIML R51. The checkweigher software enables creation of different permission levels for operators and registers operations carried out on the scale and possible operator errors.

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Hardy Dynamics CIP Checkweigher
Hardy Process Solutions

Hardy Dynamics CIP Checkweigher

Open-Source, Off-the-Shelf Rockwell Components, Seamless Integration into The Connected Enterprise

Hardy's Dynamic Series of checkweighing machinery is built using off-the shelf components, with controls based on a Rockwell Automation's CompactLogix platform, providing a standardized open source architecture that is flexible enough to meet both current and future control needs.

Weight processing is managed by Hardy’s HI 4050CW weight controller. Sampling weight data at 4,800 times per second, the HI4050CW is capable of providing enough weighments to accurately categorize packages weighing from 5g to 225kg at speeds up to 350 packs per minute.

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Hardy Dynamic checkweighers are built using a Rockwell CompactLogix® platform running Studio5000® making them the easiest to integrate, upgrade and modify. The GUI uses FactoryTalk View software, giving the user the ability to share and modify information presented on the machine’s HMI to the larger Connected Enterprise®. Extra onboard I/O and the ability to expand the rack provide a future proof control platform that is ready to accommodate additional upstream and downstream closed-loop controls, as well as peripherals such as metal detection and x-rays.  All data tags are available to Enterprise wide software. 


Gearing and motor are integrated into the roller. Extremely efficient with no exposed moving parts, motorized drive rollers are available in a variety of speed and torque ratings so they can be tailored to the specific requirements of your application. Available in stainless steel the series is rated for IP66 wash-down environments. Smart drives eliminate the possibility of over-torque or binding that could cause motor or belt damage, creating a safer and higher reliability conveying system.


Belts can be removed, inspected, replaced and cleaned without the use of tools. A simple cam-lock secures belts in position and at the correct tension – making change-overs fast and easy.


The new Dynamic CIP is a specialized CIP version of the checkweigher designed to meet demands of food and chemical manufacturers. The new Dynamic Checkweigher CIP uses framework that minimizes horizontal flat surfaces, using sloped faces and round tubing where possible, and a sloped cabinet. An enhanced safety conveyer design minimizes entrapment and other hazards from rotating shafts or equipment.  Changes to Hardy’s manufacturing techniques helped adapt the Dynamic Checkweigher to meet the sanitary and hygienic standards CIP clients require.


Intuitive menus presented on a large Allen Bradly PanelView Plus® HMI provide a comfortable environment for setting up product recipes, tuning the machine for optimum performance and setting up the scale system. Use Hardy's exclusive C2® for automatic scale calibration.  Use the Internal Trigger mode and eliminate the need for a photo-eye.


The Diagnostics Section allows users to visualize the process and make adjustments.  This saves so much time over the guesswork that is required with other checkweigher machinery.

All the process performance statistics are calculated and available on the network. Because the machine is open source,  use the data to optimize your process upstream.

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