Weighing Review Awards 2019

Weighing Review Awards 2019

Nominated for Best Industrial Scales

Nicol Scales & Measurement Mobile Process Weighing System
Nicol Scales & Measurement

Nicol Scales & Measurement Mobile Process Weighing System

The new Mobile Process Weighing System allows you to accurately weigh and batch in portable tanks or vessels to speed up production time, improve safety, and minimize bacteria collection points found in traditional floor scales.  This system consists of special load cells that simply bolt between the tank leg and the standard swivel casters already on the vessel, utilizing the standard 6 inch caster bolt pattern with no modifications to the tank needed. The secret is the “moment corrected” technology inside the load cells that compensates for the inherent pinching action of the swivel casters and provides accurate weighments even on floors that are not level.  These load cells may be used with a variety of different weighing indicators depending upon the application and data collection requirements. This disruptive and proven technology is used globally with hundreds of installations in multiple industries.

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IPA Private Ltd Guardian-2
IPA Private Ltd

IPA Private Ltd Guardian-2

Guardian-2 is a robust crane scale with advanced features making it compatible in harsh industrial conditions. The Scale has high bright, day light matrix LED display, visible in direct sunlight. RF enabled remote control makes the operations on the scale handy, and added feature ids an android application to track the weight on the scale, foe industries like metal matching foundry shipyards steel, comets etc.

Remote Control features:The 16-key keypad RF enabled remote control operates in 2.4Ghz frequency with a maximum operating range of more than 50 meters. It operates on 7.4V/2200 mAh battery. An LED indication is provided to indicate the power ON condition, also the LED blinks continuously to indicate low battery.

The different keys used to perform different functions are:

  • Tare
  • Calibration (Single-point and 10-point)
  • Accumulate
  • Total of Accumulated data
  • Hold — to freeze the data reading on the Scale
  • Pounds/Kg conversion
  •  Gross weight reading
  • Clear
  • Switch ON/OFF the Scale
  •  Other keys to perform Calibration, adjust settings to configure the Scale for Wi-Fi reception etc.,

Mobile App

  • The App Track Weights can be downloaded from Google Play store. It can be used in Smartphones withAndroid version 4 or greater.
  • The Scale acts as an access-point for the transmission of data.
  • The mobile app is used for receiving the readings on the Scale. A distinct feature is being able to store a record of weighed values.
  • This feature is extremely valuable in material handling industries, where the weight of different raw materials weighed at different times can be saved for future reference in the Smartphones.

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Siemens Milltronics MSI Belt scale

Siemens Milltronics MSI Belt scale

  • Milltronics MSI is a heavy-duty, high accuracy full frame single idler belt scale used for process and load-out control.
  • Milltronics MSI belt scale provides continuous in-line weighing on a variety of products in primary and secondary industries. It is proven in a wide range of tough applications from extraction (in mines, quarries and pits), to power generation, iron and steel, food processing and chemicals. The MSI is suitable for monitoring such diverse products as sand, flour, coal, or sugar.
  • The MSI’s patented use of parallelogram-style load cells results in fast reaction to vertical forces, ensuring instant response to product loading. This enables it to provide outstanding accuracy and repeatability even with uneven loading and fast belt speeds.
  • Operating with Milltronics BW500, Siwarex WT240 or SIWAREX FTC microprocessor-based integrators, the MSI provides indication of flow rate, totalized weight, belt load, and belt speed of bulk solid materials. A speed sensor monitors conveyor belt speed for input to the integrator.
  • The MSI is installed in a simple drop-in operation and may be secured with just four bolts. An existing idler is then attached to the MSI dynamic beam. With no moving parts, maintenance is kept to a minimum, with just periodic calibration checks required.

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Minebea Intec Industrial Scale Combics
Minebea Intec

Minebea Intec Industrial Scale Combics

The bench and floor scale Combics combines precision and versatility. All platforms are equipped with proven precision strain-gauge technology, and some models have highresolution electromechanical force compensation. The modular design allows for maximum flexibility to install the indicator and platform separately as well as targeted replacement of individual components.

  • Three easy-to-use indicators for various requirements
  • A variety of finishes, e.g. stainless steel
  • Load ranges of between 3 kg and 3 t
  • Readability from 0.05 g to 200 g
  • Platforms in various designs and sizes
  • A range of resolutions from 3,000 d to 340,000 d
  • Verification mode and explosion-proof solutions

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BOSCHE zippcube®
Bosche GmbH & Co. KG

BOSCHE zippcube®

Non contact volume and weight recording of packages

In the mail-order trade, exact item master data is required for warehouse management and picking. To get it, an accurate calculation of the dimensions (length, width, height) as well as the weight of the items is necessary. Only in this way is an exact freight calculation, a determination of the transport or storage space actually required and the correct packaging possible.

Design and software

The BOSCHE “zippcube” volume scale has four laser-welded load cells which ensure reliable weighing. A sturdy and flat scale frame allows the easy application of the objects to be measured. Particular care was taken to keep the entire weighing technology as free of maintenance and wear as possible. The semi-automatic recording of data takes place within seconds. Two pairs of high-precision light curtains scan the objects to be measured (no matter what their shape) and ensure contactless -dimension detection. The intuitive-to-use, configurable software included presents all of the data clearly at a glance. These values can then easily be transferred to existing merchandise management and dispatch systems.


Optionally, you can enhance the system further with some useful features. For instance, a camera can thus record the respective product photo for the master data, a hand scanner enables the scanning of barcodes and a dolly, in combination with a self-sufficient power supply, turns the Bosche volume scale into a mobile workstation.

  • Combined volume and weight recording in one run
  • The sturdy measurement port can effortlessly be moved across the maintenance-free guide
  • Sturdy frame made from powder-coated steel
  • 8 mm toughened safety glass (up to 50 kg maximum load) in conjunction with a 2 mm scratch-resistant Optical HC plexiglass window for high shock and impact resistance
  • High-quality light curtains for contactless dimension recording
  • Reliable weighing via four precision load cells
  • Weighing range of up to 50 kg distributed load / 2 mm size measurement resolution
  • Maintenance and wear-free measuring equipment design
  • Available in three different sizes u Intuitive software with visualization and volume determination of objects
  • Export options to a CSV file or SQL database
  • Simple integration into merchandise management and dispatch systems
  • Windows 10 industrial PC featuring touch screen, USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (for calliper, scanner, etc.)
  • Optional: Mobile table and removable battery system (running time up to 10 hours)

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Baykon BL Platform
Baykon Inc.

Baykon BL Platform

With it's high quality, fully stainless steel construction and IP69K rated loadcells the Baykon BL scales stainless steel drive in platform weighing scale complies to GMP and HACCP production standards and is ideal for harsh, wet and sanitary environments where hygienic cleaning is vital.

Designed for Health and Safety with Easy Lift Mechanism and Hygienic Cleaning and Accurate Weighing.

The OIML approved BL Floor Scale has a premium quality and robust build that makes it ideal for Pharma, food production and cosmetic industries. It is available in dimensions ranging from 850mm to 1500mm and in capacities from 300kg to 3000kg. A specially designed lifting device supported by a hydraulic cylinder enables a safe and easy 90 degree lift. Once lifted the operator has clear 360 degree access for the deep cleaning required to eliminate hygiene and contamination risks.


  • Premium quality manufacturing
  • Fully stainless steel washdown construction
  • IP69K stainless steel OIML approved loadcells
  • Stainless gas assist for effortless lifting
  • Easy access for deep cleaning & maintenance
  • Ultra smooth processed surface for hygiene
  • Supplied with 1 ramp as standard
  • Low Profile - only 45mm High
  • Ramp Length - 300mm
  • 12 month manufacturer's warranty
  • Various standard sizes and capacities


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