Weighing Review Awards 2023

Weighing Review Awards 2023

Nominated for Best Load Monitoring Solutions

UTILCELL Customized Load Pin

UTILCELL Customized Load Pin

UTILCELL (Spain) - The UTILCELL’s load PIN is specially designed for replacing and upgrading existing axles and provide reliable measurements of loads applied on the same axis.

Including the UTILCELL’s load PIN brings many benefits as:

  • ATEX version available Zone 0-1-2 and 20-21-22.
  • Weighing control, limitation, and monitoring of overloads.
  • Preventive maintenance actions for safety and reducing costs.
  • 100% compatible with your existing axles.
  • Easy to replace and install with no systems modifications.
  • Immediate quotation and fast delivery terms including customized detailed drawings and full-technical specifications.
  • Robust construction in high strength stainless steel.
  • Standard: IP 66 protection. Optionally: IP 68 and ATEX.
  • Working temperature from -20ºC to +90ºC and high temperature up to +180ºC.

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