Weighing Review Awards 2023

Weighing Review Awards 2023

Nominated for Best Weighing Instrumentation

General Measure Weighing Indicator GMT-X1
General Measure Technology Co. Ltd.

General Measure Weighing Indicator GMT-X1

GMT-X1, OIML R76 approval, the DIN rail-mounted weighing transmitter for industrial automation, can be used in various system weighing applications, such as weight checking, loss-in-weight, liquid filling, batching, vessel and silo weighing, etc. 

Hardware Configuration:

  • Stainless steel case with compact design
  • Different configuration choice, a variety of combinations
  • Standard: RS4851 + RS485/RS232(Selectable)  

            Hardware Option1: 3 Input 5 Output or 3 Input 4 Output relay (Optional)

            Hardware Option2: RS485+16bit Analog or 2 Input 4 Output

            Hardware Option3: Modbus TCP or Ethernet/IP or Profinet

            (Hardware Option1,2,3 can be selected at the same time)

  • 4. Bluetooth Communication 

Software Highlights

  • Liquid filling software selectable
  • Calibration without weights (by loadcell sensitivity value )
  • Printer function
  • Self-testing for I/O and Communication port
  • Self-editable boot screen

Weasy Support Tool 

  • Mobile App: connect with app through Bluetooth for setting the parameters and monitor indicator status
  • Embedded web: connect with PC through Modbus TCP for setting the parameters and monitor indicator status
  • Programmable I/O by PLC

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RADWAG PUE CY10 Advanced Terminal For Modern Industry
RADWAG Balances and Scales

RADWAG PUE CY10 Advanced Terminal For Modern Industry

Thanks to its innovative solutions for the industry, the PUE CY10 will take weighing in your business to another, higher level.


The PUE CY10 terminal is the head of the CY10 series precision balances and 1 load cell platform scales. It features a durable housing with an IP 43 ingress protection and numerous communication interfaces, including Ethernet, Hotspot and Wi-Fi® .


Innovation to Match ELLIPSIS

The PUE CY10 terminal has all the strengths of the 5Y terminal used in the ELLIPSIS series balances, that is:

  • 10-inch display
  • Uncompromised user verification
  • Hotspot
  • RFID
  • Live Note voice and text notes
  • Voice commands for the device
  • Measurement history within the Handy Library
  • Widgets
  • Ambient Light

Labeling Scale Functionality

The PUE CY10 terminal has been extended with features specific to labeling scales, as it:

  • Cooperates with the computer program Label Editor R02
  • Is compatible with ZEBRA label printers
  • Supports single labels, bulk labels and bulk from bulk labels
  • Allows import/export of label designs using a pendrive
  • Enables you to assign labels to goods or customers and print a global label

Software for Special Tasks

The PUE CY10 terminal software has a set of innovative features that make daily work with the scale easier:

  • Cooperation with up to 2 weighing platforms
  • Updating statistical data separately for each commodity or globally
  • Tare mode expanded to include Dispenser mode capability

Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance®.

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UTILCELL (Spain) - The SWIFT is a Weighing Indicator and High-speed Transmitter, especially indicated for Process Weighing & Machinery, in both static and dynamic applications. It has specific Dosing and Filling Application (APP) turns easy the control of the dosing processes of filling and dosing of materials.

Due to its many possibilities of data transmission, smart weighing functions, digital inputs and outputs, it is ideal for connection to PLC, PC and remote systems making easy the integration in automated systems.

  • High-speed and high resolution (2400 measures per second and 24-bit ADC).
  • Legal-for-trade NAWI Certification (Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments).
  • RS-232 & RS-485, PROFIBUS, PROFINET & ETHERNET/IP communication.
  • Analogue output configurable at 0-10 V and 4-20 mA.
  • 3 Digital inputs and 3 or 4 digital relay outputs.
  • Different mounting formats: DIN Rail, Panel and Vertical

Some regular applications:

  • PC/PLC weight transmission.
  • Filling and dosing machines.
  • Weighing and level measurement in tanks & silos.
  • Check-weigher scales.
  • High-speed dynamic sorting scales.
  • Multi-head scales.

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