Weighing Review Awards 2019

Weighing Review Awards 2019

Nominated for Best Weighing Software/Solutions

Straightpoint HHP app - Remote Load Monitoring via Bluetooth connection

Straightpoint HHP app - Remote Load Monitoring via Bluetooth connection

Connecting up to 8 smart devices the HHP app allows you to stand back and remotely monitor the level of force being measured by your SP product in real-time, without the need for troublesome cabling. Once you have downloaded and installed the app on to your smart phone or tablet you will be able to use the Bluetooth feature to connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth enabled wireless SP device. This will provide you the ease of surveying the situation from a distance of up to 100m/328ft away so you can gain a wider perspective. If you are working in a high risk environment then the remote monitoring ability will also provide that extra safety assurance.

Once you are connected to the SP device, the simple and easy to use interface will allow you to use it with upmost efficiency. There are up to four different measurement units to choose from, depending on your preferences within your project. If you need to monitor the peak load measurement there is a ‘Peak Hold’ button you can select to only display the highest measurement from the SP device on-screen. Accompanying this is an option to set an audible alarm to sound when a new high or low measurement value is detected so you know exactly when this has occurred.

The app also has a record and log feature for when you need to record a particular measurement for later referral. Once logged to the app it will then allow you the convenience of exporting the details of the logged measurement(s) either to your mobile device or send it to a particular email address, in a spreadsheet format.    


  • Water weight Testing
  • Overhead Weighing
  • Loadcell Rental
  • Bollard PullingTug Testing
  • Stevedoring 
  • Heavy Lift
  • Load sense on jib winches
  • Ship to ship transfers (STS)

For use with Straightpoint Bluetooth enabled Wireless Loadlinks | Wireless Loadshackles | Wireless Compression Loadcells | CableSafe | Wireless TIMH

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Air-Weigh BinMaxx Cloud Front End Loader - On-Board Scale

Air-Weigh BinMaxx Cloud Front End Loader - On-Board Scale

BinMaxx Cloud is designed for front end loader garbage trucks. Sensors are mounted to the arms of the vehicle making BinMaxx incredibly durable compared to fork mounted scale systems. BinMaxx Cloud gives you the ability to transmit lift and weight data from the vehicle to an office PC or smart device via Bluetooth. Data is collected, uploaded, and securely stored on the cloud with virtually no driver effort. This means the home office can analyze valuable weight data and route information to assess and manage customer profitability. 

  • Arm mounted deflection sensors
  • No monthly fees / No storage fees
  • Access data securely and easily
  • Log in from any computer or smart device
  • View customer information & pickup location, time & weight
  • Log in from any computer or smart device
  • Track container content weight, pickup fees, and dump rates
  • Download detailed lift reports as spreadsheets and PDF
  • Integration with 3rd party onboard software capabilities

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Stevens Traceability System (Dynamic)
Stevens Traceability Systems

Stevens Traceability System (Dynamic)

Dynamic is a full end-to-end paperless traceability system covering every aspect of your business from goods-in to finished goods and waste. The Stevens Traceability System ensures ingredients are weighed and traced accurately and consistently using our software, terminals and weighing equipment. With weight control at the centre of the system, costly giveaway and out-of-specification batches are minimised. The system can also be used for portion control. Designed and supported in-house, the Dynamic traceability system provides quick reports to suit BRC and SALSA audit programmes, demonstrating full traceability and producing mass balance reports at the touch of a button. The Dynamic system can also offer in-line and off-line check-weighing appropriate to the latest average weight legislation.

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Balanças Marques ETPOS 5
Balanças Marques

Balanças Marques ETPOS 5

ETPOS 5 is a certified weighing, billing and management software, used on Balanças Marques BM5 retail scales, the completion of the market search for a solution that would meet the users real needs, making use of the most modern and functional technology.

ETPOS 5 is a versatile and fully configurable weighing and POS software to suit diverse commercial management features, with a complete resources optimization since it is designed for a well defined specific utilization.

ETPOS 5 is a reference in the Portuguese market, with thousand of users, due to the success that rapidly gained given its numerous qualities, being exported to important markets such as Spain, France, Germany, amongst many other countries all over the world.

ETPOS 5 is certified by NMI Certin B.V. with No. TC8610, as part of a scale, in accordance with the requirements of EN 45501 and OIML R76-1, which ensures compliance with the essential requirements of Directive 2009/23/EC the non-automatic weighing instruments.

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Giropès Weighing Software GISCALE PRO
Giropès SL

Giropès Weighing Software GISCALE PRO

GiScale PRO is a software designed and implemented by Giropès to have a complete control of the weighing systems process.

With GiScale PRO software, the user could connect an unlimited number of indicators. In addition, they could personalize tickets and reports, to register fields, weighing in semi-unattended mode and even monitoring and managing production lines.

With our indicators GI400 the user can connect, manage and control multiple weighing devices in its line of production of manual packaging.

Main functions:

  • Register of weighing with product detail. 
  • Connection to multiple indicators.
  • Printing of weighing tickets. 
  • Consult the historical range of record. 
  • Exporting reports (PDF, XLS, CSV).
  • Register of fields like: Customer, Product and Lot number
  • Perform weighs with the different modes of the GI400 (control of weigh, production counter…)
  • Weigh in mode semi-unattended with the transmission modes (every X time, stable, manual: press PRINT from the indicator, zero crossing and zero crossing when unloading)
  • Consult and graphic analysis in real time. (module GiScale Statistics)
    • Real Time
    • Histogram
    • Management of graphic
  • Personalization of tickets and report.
  • Without user name authentication.
  • Monitoring and management of lines of production.

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Smartlux 232key virtual keyboard wedge
Smartlux SARL

Smartlux 232key virtual keyboard wedge

232key sends the weight from your scale as simulated keystrokes to any application running on your PC. This "virtual keyboard wedge" functionality allows you to easily automate data acquisition, eliminate errors associated with manual data entry and increase your productivity.

If your scale appears as a COM port when connected to a PC, you can most likely use it with 232key (e.g. RS-232, USB virtual COM port, Bluetooth Serial Port Profile). 232key comes with many pre-defined profiles for popular scales and balances and can be adapted to work with unknown devices. For more information on how to determine if your scale is compatible with our software, see this article.

Best of all, the basic functionality of 232key is free, even for commercial use!

Please visit our (recently redesigned) 232key website to download your copy or to learn more about our software.

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SmartB Technologies Smartweigh weighbridge software
SmartB Technologies

SmartB Technologies Smartweigh weighbridge software

Weighbridge software Smartweigh is a leading weighbridge interface software application used in highly complex industrial inventory and production management requirements with smartcard and traffic control to simple ticketing. It is supports end to ed solution for different verticals like Grain, Agriculture, Horticulture, Sugar, Molasses, Coffee, Tea, Seafood, Sand, Stones, Aggregates, Readymix, Cement, Mining, Chemical, Paper, Timber, Recycling, Scrap, Plastic, Textile and, quarries, mines, and dredging industry  etc. Multiple pricing levels for sales and purchase (General pricing, party wise pricing, order wise pricing) and full financial reporting is supported by Smartweigh.

With its unique versatile smart sense connectivity feature, Smart-weigh connects to over hundred different brands of weighing indicators.

Weighbridge software Smartweigh is designed to support all three weighment modes simultaneously - single weighment with stored tare, double weighment and batch mode weighment with multiple first weights. Batch mode is used in cases where more than one material is loaded in a truck, and the weight of each material has to be managed separately.

Smartweigh weighbridge software is a multi-site multi-weighbridge multi-shift networkable weighbridge software application. Traffic control can be done automatically or by the operator by controlling traffic lights or barrier from within the application. Smart card interface supports both Philips Mifare and 125 KHz cards.

Smartweigh weighbridge software has a separate back office application, to be used by back-office staff to manage invoices, purchase orders, production log, smart-cards etc. Back-office is an easy to use networkable application that can support 20 users in write mode and up to 50 users in read mode.

With over 10,000 installations worldwide, smartweigh is one of the leading software solutions in the weighment industry, catering to OEMs as well as end customers. Current running version is 14.5

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Minebea Intec Software ProTruck
Minebea Intec

Minebea Intec Software ProTruck

The innovative Minebea Intec software ProTruck guarantees the management of material flows on truck scales, via access terminals or with an operator. It covers all professional activities: industry, agriculture, quarries, waste treatment.

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