Friday, November 8, 2013

Thames Side launches the Advanced Load Cell Tester LCT-U

Thames Side Sensors Ltd (UK) - This state-of-the-art device is a stand-alone hand-held unit specially designed for full troubleshooting of strain-gauge load cells.

The LCT-U can test all common types of load cells available today. It provides the user with all the essential data that is needed for the load cell being tested: bridge resistance and integrity, physical distortion (possibly caused by overload, shock, load or metal fatigue) and a check of the insulation resistance (which can point to moisture or chemical ingress).


  • Fast testing of load cells and scales
  • Continuous signal reading - checks linearity
  • Continuous signal reading - checks repeatabiity
  • Can check multi load-cell scale alignment
  • User friendly - full test within 5 seconds


For more information about the New Advanced Load Cell Tester LCT-U from Thames Side Sensors click here.

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