Accuweigh's Portable Weighing System for loading scrap metal

Accuweigh's Portable Weighing System for loading scrap metal
Accuweigh Pty Ltd. (Papua New Guinea) - A Portable Weighing System is being used for loading scrap metal into shipping containers in Papua New Guinea. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Springvale branch in Melbourne, the Portable Weighing System ensures the shipping containers can be loaded to their maximum weight capacity to minimise shipping costs.

Accuweigh’s Portable Weighing System comprises four 20,000 lb capacity industrial load cells with custom mounting brackets to provide extra stability of the shipping container during weighing. Each load cell is connected directly to its own digital weight indicator to display individual corner weights to ensure the weight of the scrap metal can be evenly distributed within the shipping container.

The Avery E1005 digital weight indicators are ideal for use in Portable Weighing Systems due to the low power draw from the LCD display and the internal re-chargeable battery which provides up to 25 hours of continuous operation. The E1005’s moulded ABS enclosure is IP54 rated as dirt and moisture resistant to allow the Portable Weighing System to be operated in industrial environments.

Each matched pair of loadcells and digital weight indicators were supplied pre-calibrated for an 8,000kg weighing capacity with weighing increments of 50kg.

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