Adam Equipment Debuts New BKT and AE 503 Label Printing Scales and Indicators

Adam Equipment Debuts New BKT and AE 503 Label Printing Scales and Indicators

Adam Equipment (United Kingdom) - Adam Equipment, a leading worldwide manufacturer of professional scales and balances, expanded its line of bench and floor scales with the debut of the BKT line, which will work in tandem with the newly-released AE 503 weighing indicator and its integrated label printer.

Combining a full suite of weighing applications with a built-in label printer into a single compact solution, the 11 models of BKT scales and the AE 503 indicator offer value, durability and convenience for all manufacturing, shipping, packing and distribution needs. The ability to fully customize label designs – including output in English, French, German or Spanish, as well as the addition of barcodes, QR codes, pictures and logos – to suit a diverse range of printing applications, along with a wide range of capacities and base sizes, mean the BKT and AE 503 can be easily optimized for any user’s needs.

The BKT line comprises 11 different models, ranging in capacities from 16lb/8kg to 1,320lb/600kg and readabilities from 0.0002lb/0.1g to 0.1lb/0.05kg with three platform sizes (11.8 x 15.7”/300 x 400mm, 15.7 x 19.7”/400 x 500mm and 23.6 x 31.5”/600 x 800mm).

Features include two Hold modes: one for weighing moving objects (such as animals) and Peak Hold, which measures the highest amount of force something can withstand (such as how much force a cardboard box can take before buckling damaging its contents).

The die-cast aluminum base and easy-to-clean stainless steel platform of the BKT, along with the sturdy, lightweight ABS plastic housing of the AE 503, are made to stand up to industrial conditions. The pair can be placed on a bench or on the floor, with the indicator attached to the included pillar.

The AE 503 incorporates a sealed keypad with a large, easy-to-read backlit LCD screen featuring 1.3”-tall digits. The color-coded keypad allows for quick and easy configuration. The indicator offers a hold function and provides 10 weighing units (grams, kilograms, pounds, ounces, lb:oz, carats, drams, mommes, taels and tons).

An RS-232 interface provides a fast, convenient connection to computers and external printers, outputting weight, unit weight and count. The AE 503 allows user-selectable scale division and 1:60,000 resolution.

An internal rechargeable battery allows the scale to operate if electricity is unavailable. The AE 503 battery can run for up to 150 hours on a charge. An auto power-off option helps conserve energy, along with a backlight for the LCD screen that can be set to “always on,” “always off” or “light only when weighing.”


About Adam Equipment:

Adam Equipment was founded in 1972. It designs and manufactures precision balances and scales for professionals worldwide. Adam Equipment’s global distribution network serves the laboratory, medical, education, industrial, legal cannabis, food, and animal/veterinary markets. Its head office is in Milton Keynes, England and has extensive operations and holdings in the United States, China, Australia, South Africa, and Germany.


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