Axtec Achieve Astounding Approval for Dynamic Axle Weighing

Axtec Achieve Astounding Approval for Dynamic Axle Weighing

Axtec International Ltd. (United Kingdom) - Axtec have recently been granted a world-first UK National approval to Class 0.2 for an Axtec 5000 Dynamic Axle Weighbridge installed at their facility in Runcorn.

As part of the approval, the weighbridge was tested statically to full capacity using calibrated dead weights. It was then tested dynamically using three different vehicles, as defined in the approval No 3030. During the tests, which included runs over the centre, nearside and offside of the weighbridge, accuracy was always within the prescribed 0.1% limits.  The measured tests were then followed by an over-speed test to ensure that the Axtec 5000 detected vehicles that did not complete the weighing process properly.

The Axtec 5000 Dynamic is highly automated and requires no special skills to operate. Its colour touchscreen display gives simple instructions or requests information which can then be entered via the numeric keypad. Following an automatic check routine, the vehicle is weighed and a dated, timed, headed ticket showing axle and gross weights can be produced automatically. The entire process takes less than 40 seconds.


About Axtec International Ltd.:

Founded in 1991, and still managed by its owners, Axle Weight Technology Ltd (Axtec) is the only UK company who specialise exclusively in the manufacture of dynamic axle weighing equipment. Axtec products are used by state utility providers, transport operators and waste management companies who are looking to maximise their loads whilst operating within the law, and by the governmental agencies responsible for enforcing those laws.

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