New Weighing Software GiScale by Giropès

New Weighing Software GiScale by Giropès

Giropès SL (Spain) - The GiScale is a software designed and implemented by Giropès to have a complete control of the weighing systems process.

With the GiScale ONE software, the user has a detailed record of the weighing, real-time graphs, reports and analysis of the weighing carried out by their GI400 indicator. In addition, it allows the user to export the data to be used and saved in different formats.

With the GiScale PRO software, the user could connect an unlimited number of indicators. In addition, they could personalize tickets and reports, to register fields, weighing in semi-unattended mode and even monitoring and managing production lines.

The fast and intuitive interface will give a friendly use of the software designed by Giropès. In addition, the possibility of downloading a free demo will allow the test of GiScale before purchasing it (function limited version).

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