B-TEK DD2050 unattended terminals installed at salt reserve

B-TEK DD2050 unattended terminals installed at salt reserve
B-TEK Scales, LLC (USA) - In March 2013, two stand alone B-TEK DD2050 unattended terminals were installed at a salt reserve. Due to the multi-directional traffic of the operation, the customer chose to go with two terminals to handle all inbound and outbound weight measurements. B-TEK’s ScaleSoft Truck Management software was used to remotely display the live scale weight, give remote users the ability to add/delete truck and employee Id’s, and print customizable reports based on scale data collected by the DD2050 terminal.

A truck comes in empty via the inbound terminal, gets loaded, and then goes across the scale heavy. The truck then leaves and dispenses the salt as needed. At the end of the day the truck returns to the scale and reweighs before unloading any leftover salt. This is done so that the computer records the weight of salt that was actually used by the truck that day instead of the truck’s gross, tare and net weights for two loads then having to do the math to determine how much salt was used.

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