Brechbuhler Installs B-TEK DD 1050 to Weigh Axles

Brechbuhler Installs B-TEK DD 1050 to Weigh Axles
Brechbuhler Scales, Inc. (USA) - The DD 1050 terminal is installed in a heated enclosure inside a shed. The scale is an old mechanical 24 x 10 truck scale. The scale was used to weigh grain wagons in the past but the customer wanted to weigh his semi-trucks without having to get out of the truck every time and record the weight of each axle. The customer also wanted to store their weighments so they could use them to track inventory coming into and out of the farm.

The system created uses a relay controlled by the DD 1050 terminal to turn on a light installed on the side of the shed. The light lets the driver of the truck know that his weight has been recorded and he can pull forward to weigh the next axle. Each axle weight is added to the total weight. When the scale does not see any weight applied for 30 seconds it will total all axles and store the weight.

This customer farms several different fields and wanted a way to know how much grain was produced by each farm. This is a common practice now in the framing industry. All of the farm and field data is entered into the DD 1050 before they pull on the scale. This data can be downloaded to a flash drive by plugging one into the DD 1050’s external usb port and pressing a button on the terminal. This file then can be exported into an Excel spreadsheet allowing the customer to sort transactions by field, farm, grain type, inbound or outbound categories. The last phase of this project is to add a field for moisture content of the grain and calculate shrinkage.

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