Danone chooses Bilwinco’s multihead weighing system

Danone chooses Bilwinco’s multihead weighing system
Bilwinco (Denmark) - Danone chooses Bilwinco’s multihead weigher for a new type of sticky cheese product packaging.

About Bilwinco:
Bilwinco is a market leader in multihead weighing. Our strength is our flexibility, it allows us to always make a packaging line that fulfills or exceeds your expectations! Although we base each project on our rich experience we also make sure that our solutions for our customers are not just off-the-shelf products - we listen to your specialised knowledge, then we design each line individually for your application.

We have people specialised in most areas of the foodstuffs packaging industry only waiting for your call to begin designing the perfect custom-built solution to solve your packaging challenge.

In Bilwinco it’s our ambition to maintain our position as world leaders in our niche, which includes multihead weighing solutions for products which others may consider difficult – products which are wet, sticky or merely just tricky

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