Doran Scales' new video about their Neonatal Baby Scale Model 4300

Doran Scales' new video about their Neonatal Baby Scale Model 4300
Doran Scales (USA) - Neonatal Baby Scale (Model 4300) is the perfect choice for a hospital or medical facility searching for an extremely accurate digital neonatal scale for the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) or well baby nursery.

The Model DS4300 Neonatal Scale has been designed to weigh newborn and premature babies. It's easy to use and extremely accurate, making it the perfect choice for well baby nurseries, special care nurseries, and NICU's. The DS4300 can quickly detect and display changes in weight as fine as a tenth of an ounce, even if the baby is moving.

The scale's low profile base is constructed of painted steel which provides a very solid platform that supports the clear plastic infant weighing tray. The four wide rubber feet are adjustable so that the scale can be leveled on uneven surfaces.

The weight is displayed on the LCD display featuring digits that are three quarter inches tall. The bright, easy to read display is backlit so it can be read in any lighting conditions.

The scale's control panel has control buttons that provide a tactile feedback and an audible beep so there will be no doubt if a button was pressed. You can feel a slight click when you press the keys on the DS4300.

This neonatal scale can be powered either by the included AC adapter or the internal rechargeable battery pack, the status of the rechargeable battery is shown on the LCD display.

The DS4300 neonatal infant scale is EMR Ready and data can be transmitted via either the included USB or RS-232 ports


Like all of our medical scales, the Doran DS4300 Neonatal scale is designed for many years of trouble-free service and is backed by a three year warranty. This neonatal scale is just one example of the high quality scales that we manufacture.

More information about the Neonatal Baby Scale Model 4300 can be found here.

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